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Countries and territories visited: (28)
.ad .at .be .ch .de .dk .ee .es .fi .fr .gr .hr .it .li .lt .lv .lu .mc .nl .no .pl .pt .se .si .sm .uk Also Scotland and Wales.

Miloš was born on the 3-SEP-2003 and I collected him from the Breeder near beaune on the 2-JAN-2004.

Here he is on the 6-JAN-2004 - the King of Dogs (As Barney put it.)

Three Kings Day 2004

The first walk in the rain:

Don't like the rain 2004

In 2005 with a new best friend, Holly

Best Friend Holly

In 2006 on a 10 day trip to Provençe

Lavendar France 2006

And one of the many occassions we walked along by the lake in Zurich

Lake of Zurich 2008

Stich - Really?

This was taken by his great friends Constanze and Markus - with whom he had many mountain adventures

With great friends in the Mountains

He used to "eat" water - such a noise

A favourite Pasttime

And our first trip in Maria was to the UK. Here he joined me on the top of Hay Tour

On Dartmoor 2010

And Exmouth Beach 2010


The first trip to Finland

Relaxing in Finland 2011

Look don0t Touch 2011

And great friends in N. Sweden

A Favourite seat, the Norman's Sweden 2011

In The Algarve a few days before

Merdog Portugal 2015

The last picture on the 23-FEB-2015 near Marbella

Last 2015 Spain

Rest well my friend.


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