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Neil Tyson tired of God

A number of really good points here. Worth a watch.
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Thomas Piketty on Capitalism, Corbyn and why Zuckerberg is getting it wrong (full interview)

A rather good summary of what he thinks. He seems to me to have a clear mind. Refreshing!
The Grauniad

Bridget Christie: Hilary Benn and the trouble with audiences

And more commentry.
The Scottish Herald

Ian Bell: The dismantling of Hilary Benn's empty war rhetoric

Sadly, Ian Bell died of a heart attack days later at 59.
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Hilary Benn: Syria air strikes speech in full

And here, the son take a different approach in 2015 around the vote to bomb Syria.
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Tony Benn in the House of Commons Iraq Bombing Speech

Short, but very much to the point. The whole Iraq thing was a big mistake with huge consequences for decades to come.
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Tony Benn - 10 min History Lesson for Neoliberals

Very clear and told with passion. Seems to me he knows his stuff - and it's good.
Quote; "We always have to fight the same battles."
The Grauniad

Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds

Maybe something to do with the "group" one belongs to?

Atheists Are 0.07% of the Federal Prison Population, Threatening Fact for Christian Fundamentalists

Speaks for itself really. “I do not believe it is a good indication that atheists are more moral. I think we would love to believe that, but it doesn't demonstrate that atheists are more moral as much as it reflects the fact that atheists tend to be better educated, more wealthy, and more white than the general population....."
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Invading the Creek!
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The arrogance of clergy

Not a lot to disagree with here.
Answering Muslims

Islamic Polygamy in Germany

Destiny? Culture? This needs to be stopped. One man, two wives and 10 children, this is not sustainable nor acceptable.......
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Aggressive atheism

Anti-religious rant.. much of which I agree with.
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Why does faith deserve respect?

As it is. Mind you this man has some other, less pleasant rants..
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This Is How British Atheist Comedians Take-The-Piss Out Of Religion!


Denmark's prime minister says Bernie Sanders is wrong to call his country socialist

Welfare and concern for all citizens is good for people.

Nick Hanauer on His Banned TED Talk & Why the Middle Class are the Job Creators

Ongoing re-thinking.

Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer "Rich people don't create jobs"

The "Job Creators" and "Trickle down Economics" Myths. Recommended.

VW and the never-ending cycle of corporate scandals.

Worth a read.
The National

Kevin McKenna: The UK establishment's in-built prejudice is still with us 80 years on

The pyramid of priviledge begins on a throne and pervades government, civil and military society: "Or a grace-and-favour, top-down system in which one-third of our MPs attended private schools along with 71 per cent of our judges and 62 per cent of army officers."
The Guardian

Business and Climate 3 - The Guardian Reveals Key Funder of Global Warming Policy Foundation Is Michael Hintze

GWPF funding comes from a hedgefund manager, donator to the Conservative Party with links to Nigel Lawson an ex-tory minister who is a climate sceptic.

Business and Climate 2 - Prof. Hal Lewis joins GWPF

A physics Prof. leaves University and joins GWPF a secretive, anti-climate change foundation.
The National

Business and Climate 1 - The National, a letter

"Expensive" energy is causing steel production to move out of the UK and it's all the fault of climate change.
You Tube

Bernie Sanders Confronts Alan Greenspan

Way out of touch. He later admits his view of the financial system was incorrect.
BBC Radio 4

How did x come to mean kiss? X

Fun - kkkiiiisss is the sound un Greek.
You Tube

Julia Sweeney: The Gifts of Not Believing in God

The point that makes so much sense to me is that I don't have to be part of a religious group. In previous times this was simply not an option. Then there is the stupidity of the religious ideas which I find non-credible. Lastly, the idea of obedience to some idea, organisation - most destructive of human creativity. Recommended.
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Does religion harm education? Aron Ra on Today FM

It is all so obvious. Religion is just un-evidenced myth. This man Aron has such a clear view of the very bad effects of religion. Recommended.
Scientific American


It is possible, we just need our politicians to take this goal on board - some hope!
The Grauniad

State or private? Painful school choice that still fuels inequality in Britain

The tragedy of the English class system. Enduring because so many people vote against their own self-interest. One wonders for how much longer? Priviledge right at the top with an inherited monarch and 45% of Tory MPs coming from public (well because this is England, actually private) schools. What a bunch of crap, how could any society work with such a difference early on in life?
The Grauniad

When politicians do God, no wonder we have doubts

I really liked the comment: "To be honest, whenever I discover anyone "does god", I proceed with the working assumption that they're not firing on all mental cylinders. I honestly don't recall an occasion when this assumption later proved to be unwarranted."
The Grauniad

Activist's conviction to be quashed after undercover officer testified at trial

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. "Once upon a time there was the right to demonstrate..."
The Grauniad

My fix for the housing crisis: ban ownership by foreign non-residents

Won't happen, too much business interest at stake. The next housing bust is pre-programmed.
Quote: "But the supply argument is not a simple mistake; it is deliberated and dearly held. Once you accept it, other things follow: supply is too low because planning is too stringent, because people are selfish and they would prefer to have a large garden than to help their fellow man. It follows also that supply wouldn’t be a problem if demand were lower, so now there are people to blame: immigrants, baby boomers with their great big houses, divorcees who have perverted the supply chain with their toxic personalities, people living alone, whose atomised existences are unsustainable in our tiny jewel of an island."
The Grauniad

George Osborne’s Tea Party settlement is the stuff of cold sweats

The next phase of the elite plan is already underway.
Timber Design and Technology

Reach higher with wood: 84 meter, 24-storey ‘HoHo’ tower

The future is here. Wood grows faster than we can cut it down and build with it.
The Grauniad

The poshness test lasts a lifetime – to believe otherwise is fantasy

The class system is alive and well and living in England.
The National

Carolyn Leckie: 'Tackle taboo and put the banks into state hands'

The first publicly owned bank was established in Genoa in 1408 in order to, in the words of its constitution, “eradicate certain bad practices of bankers, who are so devoted to their own interest that they barely blush as they ruin the public good”.

Paul Krugmann on How the the Big Lies Told by the Powerful Have come to Rule the World

It is surprising that so many people vote against their own self interest. Maybe they are simply wrongly/badly informed, or maybe something else is going on?
Quote: "... Britain’s news media told voters, again and again, that excessive government spending under Labour caused the financial crisis."
The Grauniad

Ten ways in which life could change if the UK left the EU

For most Brits, leaving the EU will lead to lower standards (yes, even for those that declare we'll be better off as a country.) As citizens it is likely we'll have:
less consumer rights
less workers' rights
dirtier environment
less ability to move away from it all
The Grauniad and The Undercurrent

Why Are We Being Fed By A Poison Expert?

Because US politicians are corrupt, take huge amounts of money from corprations and the rest of our politicians don't care.
The Grauniad

Landlords enjoy £14bn tax breaks as figures reveal buy-to-let expansion

What Mrs Thatcher started 30 years ago, namely destroying social housing and replacing it with private, profit-based gouging continues. And for the owners of property it is very, very lucrative.

Whatever Happened to Antitrust?

More on corporations and the broken political system.
The Grauniad

EU dropped pesticide laws due to US pressure over TTIP, documents reveal

How we loved to be fucked-over by the corporations.
The Grauniad

Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF

All other government actions (except war) pale into insignificance. And this is the most profitable industry in the history of humanity. Haha
IFL Science

New Wind Turbine Generates Electricity Without Rotating Blades

This technology is not at all efficient - yet.
The Grauniad

Abracadabra! Britain’s political elite has fooled us all again

£6.7m from a private company from one side. Comments from an elected Union man and a Summer of distraction from the other side. What a mess..... Go SNP, show them up for what they are.

Kyung Wha Chung plays Tchaikovsky violin concerto (1972)

The National

Pat Kane: A dollop of Borgen, a pinch of House of Cards ... and a chance to mould a new model for society

On the money this...
The National

Carolyn Leckie: Princesses belong in fairy tales, not modern society

"According to Republic – a group campaigning for a democratic alternative to the monarchy – the Queen, her relatives and her expansive households, cost just a fraction under £300 million a year." and: "Between them, the Queen and Prince Charles have used the royal veto over parliament 39 times."

A solar future isn't just likely — it's inevitable

So, the Germans were not wrong to invest in this technology....a decade ago .... with "encouragement" from the Green Party - which has been pushing for a generation.

No link between MMR and autism, major study concludes

And yet, our media still push this stuff. People believe crap.

Australia’s first carbon-positive prefab house produces more energy than it consumes

I want one!

Naomi Klein: Let's kick oil while the price is down – video

All to obvious.
The Daily Show

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Extended Interview

I wonder how far this will go. Makes sense to me.

Breakthrough in energy harvesting could power life on Mars

This is the first time the Leidenfrost effect has been adapted as a way of harvesting energy. This could make the Mars project two-way.
The Grauniad

Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre

This will be a weekly event now. Read with interest, especially after having read Naomi Klein's book.
You Tube

Christian man says humanists are debauched. Andrew Copson explains what Humanism is really all about

Fundamentalists just make my day go by with a smile. Again, Scotland shows the way.
You Tube frankie boyle's referendum autopsy A few good points in here.
The Herald

Red Lines

A good set of policies. I hope some of this gets implemented.

Stephen Fry on God | The Meaning Of Life | RTÉ One

Yep, that just about sums it up.
The Grauniad

‘Corporate wolves’ will exploit TTIP trade deal, MPs warned Commons debate told that Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership risks giving too much power to big US corporations

“Countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland who are in trade agreements which include this kind of investor-state relationship have been sued 127 times and lost the equivalent money that could have employed 300,000 nurses for a year,”
The Grauniad

Add faithophobia to my crimes: I have no respect for religions that have little respect for me

At last, a lady says it like it really is.
You Tube

A View of Dakota

Not for me.
Wall Street Journal

How to Answer the Paris Terror Attack

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has some ideas on the attack on Charlie Hebdo on 7-JAN-2015.




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