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Fishnet Kirstin Innes


The Girl in the Spider's Web David Lagercrantz

Not as good as the real writer, but it does nore-or-less continue in the same tradition.

Forever Judy Blume

This is supposed to be THE book about teenagers gaining sexual experiences. Simple but relevant. At least at the time it was written - the 70s.

Boys in the Boat Daniel James Brown

An excellent read crafted with information on rowing, the individual characters and developement of the crew as a unit and all in a setting of the rise of nazi Germany. Recommended.

First Light Geoffrey Wellum Somewhat interesting book written by a very young RAF pilot. Old fashioned.
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. Clair North Recommended by son. >This took me a long time to read and not just because it is a long book. (Though on Kindle I can't really tell.) It is because it takes some time to grasp the main idea - I am a mere linear of course. The prose is very well done with references which made me chucle and some which I had to google. This man is clearly a bright boy. Enjoyable but might be a bit tough going for someone who doesn't have the staying power.
The Signature of All Things. Elisabeth Gilbert

A refreshing book beginning with plants and political manouvering but which takes a trip into sexuality - nice! A feminine fantasy. Set in the Pacific, Europe and the US.

Heretic: Why Islam Nees a Reformation Now. Ayaan Hirsi Ali An excellent "position" book. It is refreshing to read so much common sense about a medieval religion and its conflict with modern societies. I do wonder if it will be widely read and what the possible results may be.Then there is this.
Bright Shiny Morning (P.S.) James Frey A mix of facts about L.A. and stories of individuals from varuous levels of society, with an emphasis on the seedy parts and celebrities. Recommended.
Manna: Two Visions of Humanity's Future Marshall Brain A two-part vision of life after robots have started to become an integral part of our lives. I found the first part to be credible, less so the second. An interesting read, and through-provoking. Well worth the read. Recommended.
The Opposite of Lonliness: Essays and Stories Marina Keegan A collection of s ome interesting articles written asa student at Yale, before she was tragically killed in a car accident where her boyfriend walked away from the wreckage, she didn't. At only 22 she was a shinning talent.
This changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate Naomi Klein ½ This is a very well-written (she wrote "No Logo" a few years ago) collection of facts and reports which explain what has gone wrong in the past 30+ years. Global corporations search the planet for cheap wages and the associated dirty energy in order to boost their profits.
What You Don't Know About Religion (But Should) Ryan T. Cragun A well set-out guide based on social analysis by an ex-Mormon. This a a very well-written piece of research, well worth a read, even for a brilliant religion-basher.
Quote: "All Babies Are Atheists" Recommended
Die Känguru-Chroniken: Ansichteneines vorlauten Beuteltiers Marc-Uwe Kling Most amusing and easy to read. Some winning phrases.
From This Moment On Shania Twain A bit drawn-out and turgid in parts. A tough beginning. Didn't finish it.
No Logo Naomi Klein I read most of this when it was first published. Still true today. WHat we allow corporations to do is crazy, such as "sponsoring" over 20'000 schools in the US.

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