Zoltan 2021

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The New Year and we are still in Albufiera with walks around the campsite, the town and ocassionally to the beach.

Then down to a campsite we haven't been to before between Lagos and Sagres.





One for the record, Vizsla saves Australian farmer. Then to Totnes

Frosty mornings.

ANd then we head off to see some of the country again. First stop Exmouth for a romp on the beach and around the point too.

Next, we head to Abbotsbury, a favourite location for a couple of walks.

Having seen Portland we go there too, and on the way to Corfe Castle we stop at Lulworth Cove.

Then it's a few days in and around Corfe Castle.

Then on to Devizes for a walk along the canal and up and down the lock system.

Chipping Norton calls and we walk in the rolling fields.

At the Conkers campsite we walk through the old quarry.


Zoa enjoys a romp on the beach at Dunbar, that in spite of the hooley.

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