Zoltan 2020

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The New Year and we are still on Crete where the rain has arrived and the waves are lashing the shoreline. We then visit Heraklikon, Rethymno and Kalyves where a walk up the hill takes in a view of the white Mountains

and Zoa points at a cat:

We also go back to Rethymno to collect a few things and for a while the sun shines.

After some time trolling around Crete we leave for the Peleponnese and visit the fortress in Napflio

then head to Hydra

and further around the coast to Koliada where Zoa goes for a splash.

1-FEB - And it's a very, very sad day.

But, life goes on, even if I am determined to RESIST whenever I can.

We take a ferry from Igomenitsa

and land in Ascona


We spend a night in Ascona then up to Classe where Zoa again meets the Buffalo

Then a few days in the sun before we head to


And in Glarus, this

We spend time with friends and Zoa becomes more relayed with Bo


We spend time beside the Rhine river


One doesn't often see such a raging torrent.


and one windy day Zoa finds a new activity.





We take the chunnel, a new experience for Zoa, then we head to Beachy Head for a romp.

Then onto Stokes Bay for the classic picture.

Before we head to Abbotsbury for a visit to Chesil Beach based on a stay in the carpark

Then we head for our Devon home and walks along the Dart in the mornings

and back behind the town in the afternoon.

There is even a full moon and we sometimes hit the morning walk before sunrise and even before the dawn chorus.

The weather is doing us proud.

We also take a walk uptowards the Avon dam.

And spend time in the garden

But what Zoa really, really likes to do is stalk and chase the squirrels on Vere Island.

Then we head off to Cornwall for the beaches.



And walks, like at Sennen Cove.

We drop by at home and then head to


For walks with friends

and playtime with other Vizslas or just to splash around in the water.




On the 2-OCT we set off on the continent again.

Zoa loves the canals and

is given a warning

finally gets to meet Finn...

Then into


Where Zoa gets to spend time with Bo. Before going into


for a stop at various aires



for a special overnight stop at windmill hill

follwed by


where we meet and old friend

and make a new one at a Barragem

And later at Barragem Roxo. And then grazing...

Later we head to the Algarve and the beach at Guia.

Then it's Xmas.

Can never have enough beach

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