Zoltan 2019

Countries visited: .fr, .and, .es, .pt, .de, .ch, .at, .hu, .sk, .li, .cz, .lu, .it, .si, .hr, .ba, .lu, .be, .eng, .scot, .wal, .nl, .dk, .se, .ax, .fi, .at, .sl, .hr, .rs, .ro, .bg, .gr

The New Year and we are still in Portugal.

Zoa really seems happy on the beach at Galé



And wally attacks his wonderful owner, in spite of the said intelligent owner giving him fresh fried eggs most mornings....

1 2

3 4


And in the evenings he gets to run with a couple of dogs including Sondian. With water donated by Victoria.

Drink 1

Drink 2

Then a few days to Sagres and up the west coast to Évora and Monsaraz


Then a couple of nights at Barbate

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Tarifa with horse riders...


Snoozing after another beach run...


I want to drive.

Baby you can drive my Car

Then son Barney comes to visit with Asi...


More Sounds

Finally full Buffalo

He seems upset.


And here we are at the Pont du Gard

We go via a number of countries before arriving back in


And we walk on

the beach at Hayling Island

and the fields at Stokes Bay

Then on to Dorset, Abbotsbury

and Chesil Beach

Then back to Totnes

In May we head northwards into


Then back home to Totnes

We head off again in July, this time for a couple of days in Cornwall. Where Zoa gets to take on his favourite activity.

And at home in Totnes

Then, it's off to Dunkirk and a long, long drive (Zoa copes by sleeping) through .fr, .be, .nl and into .de for the night.

The following day it's to the beach in Römö - .dk and other places before taking the ferry to Göteborg in .se and another long day to the east coast where the Baltic awaits, but no swimming, the Swedes don't like dogs off the lead.

We visit family in Sweden and Zoa meets the two animal members of the household,


and Lilly.

Then we head to .ax and 2 nights later into


Where we find a number of lovely, simple campsites. In Sysmä Zoa has a lady ridgeback to play with.

And later near Heinola he finds a long stick.

We play "spot the Vizsla"

Then it's back to


And a bit of a play.


Where we stay beside a beach with lots of swallows (nests in the soft cliffs) and Zoa does his usual fishing trick before we head off to see a good friend at his farm and Zoa plays with Hördis.


A couple of romps in the Rhine

then on to




With a long drive in a a couple of tunnels, a splash in a river

then on to


where Zoa does get a lovely walk under willows in Ljubljana and run with another dog. Then into


Just for one night, so a short walk in one of the city parks. Before heading to


Where there are lots of wild dogs beside the river. This big one was a great playmate.

Then into


No walks here, bit of a disappointment. But the following day we drive to


Where Zoa gets to see the buffalo, sheep and some wild dogs.

We stop at several beaches on the way down to the ferry to Crete

And on board we spend the time on the deck, a new experience for Zoa.

Then Crete and there is crystal clear water in Marathi

Before we settle down at Camping Elisabeth

with lots of cats..

And the ocassional walk to the gorge behind the campsite.

A visit to the Miri Gorge

And on the beach here.

1-DEC and a couple of romps on the beach, with a stick and meet with other dogs.

And later on the walk down the Imbros Gorge

Zoa on the beach at Elafonisi.

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