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CNN Business

The explosive Brexit spat that no one is talking about could slam the UK economy

Johnson's activities may have very far-reaching consequences...
The Guardian

Why is the Northern Ireland protocol still an issue? Actions have consequences - Fintan O’Toole

Johnson, in spite of his expensive education seems unable to assess facts and make choices which can actually sit in a real world. I wonder when his end will come and if it will be appropriately sticky?

Freedom Day, Cummings and Brexit - That Was the Week That Was

A fine summary of a few activities this week.
The National

Dismantling of devolution will be straw that breaks the Union’s back

Quote: Brexit isn’t about trade or immigration, freedom of movement, it certainly isn’t about saving money – it’s about power. A British nationalist political elite that believes without question they have the right to rule without deference to any other authority, because that’s how things worked in Britain’s heyday. It’s a symptom of a sickness called exceptionalism, a belief system that misunderstands history, harks back to a rose-tinted view of what Britain used to be. Britain never partnered, it conquered, it didn’t trade, it extracted wealth from colonies, it didn’t help nations, it held them back so they couldn’t compete.

Martina Anderson MLA

Gets right to the point. He does not represent these peple. Me neither.
The Guardian

Southern Water fined record £90m for deliberately pouring sewage into sea

Water is anatural monopoly and should not be run by for-profit companies
Quote: "It had 168 previous offences and cautions but had ignored these and not altered its behaviour. “There is no evidence the company took any notice of the penalties imposed or the remarks of the courts. Its offending simply continued,” he said."
The Guardian

Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)

Basically the polution-causing idustries not only ignored their own scientists, but they actively prevented facts becoming well known. The same methods, and to some extent the same people were involved who hide the cancer-causing effects of smoking.
The Guardian

Illusions of empire: Amartya Sen on what British rule really did for India

Yep, a causic summary.
Quote: "he said, came from the fact that what “was truly best in their own civilisation, the upholding of dignity of human relationships, has no place in the British administration of this country”. Indeed, the British could not have allowed Indian subjects to avail themselves of these freedoms without threatening the empire itself."

Dr Shashi Tharoor - Looking Back at the British Raj in India

Absolutely essential for anyone wanting to understand the colonial times of India.

Brexit Government Still Don't Understand the Basics

What an absolute mess, all -ve, a project not for the benefit of the people.
Westcountry Bylines

Two cheers for French citizenship

Not a "subject". The UK is in such a backward state.

Government Minister misleads #BBCBreakfast viewers on the findings in the #RussiaReport

Tory = mendicious!

OBON: OBON DAY 2021 Campaign Song.

How to hold back the vomit? Oh, and the children are on holiday in Scotland this Friday - haha!!!

The Conservative Government has brought our entire justice system to its knees with savage cuts

So much cut from our justice system, it's well on the way out.
Quote: "Closed over half our courts, 600 police stations & cut 21,000 police officers from our streets"

Consumption Emissions: The UK's Hidden Footprint

Lies, they're Conservatives.

Texas valedictorian Paxton Smith goes viral for her speech about abortion rights. It seems to me this is an issue whereby men do not want women to have sex. How sick is that?

She is right on the money. Womens' health is for them and their doctor to decide.

Matt Hancocks car crash interview on Sky is another illustration of why we need a public inquiry NOW

Lying, lying, lying.

September 10, 2019

A reprise of the lying BBC... An incomplete story is simply lying.
The Guardian

The ‘culture wars’ are a symptom, not the cause, of Britain’s malaise

Smoke and mirrors from the right-wing confuse (as they are intended) much of the UK public.

Lies, lies and more lies.

Over 19 million views so far...

GB Ex-chair of UK Conservative party condemns government’s stance towards Palestine

This is not anti-semitism, it's a damnation of the State of Israel
and a reflection of the condition of Israeli politicians and their
addiction to clientelism.
Cost of Johnson Website

222 Lies, Deceits and Scandals by Boris and his Tories.

And still the Tory-voting masses give praise to the master lier.
Byline Times

‘Government Could Have Saved More Than 100,000 Lives During Pandemic

And still the Tory-voting masses give praise to the master lier.
Byline TV

Divina De Campo, Robert Llewellyn & Otto English

The section by Robert Llewelly is terrific, so many Brits
doff their caps to the toffs, so sad, no critical thinking.
Start at 33:00

WATCH: The real world of 'Nomadland'

And there we have it...

Brianna dumps on Fox "News"...

She is brilliant!
Accidental Gods

How money is made. Either by a computer entry at the bank of England
or some other bank.

Yep, it's an image....
Accidental Gods

Dawson J. Teaching Economics for the 21st Century

A good situational analysis. (Except an annoying lady who keeps on saying "yes!")
The Guardian

Ireland will resist global corporate tax rate, says finance minister

Global tax competition, or how corporations play us off against one another.

The COVID-19 crisis is a chance to do capitalism differently | Mariana Mazzucato

Things really need to change, but, I'm not holding my breath...
Intelligence Squared

Debate on Indy2

The Scots simply don't get what they vote for. It's not democracy.

Jacob Rees-Mogg Describes Scots And Welsh As Foreign Languages!

It's all about money - which isn't going into Tory pockets

The planet cannot survive our remorseless pursuit of profit

Just about covers it...
Grand Designs

Grand Designs S18E09 Revisited Herefordshire The Recycled TimberFramed House

An astounding commitment to life, quality and a slow, craftsman's process.

The amount the UK spends on defence can't be justified – so we rely on piffle

The list of funds wasted by UK governments is monumentous.

Have Meghan and Harry moved the monarchy closer towards its end? If only

Well overdue. What a stupid idea of having a rich family as HoS.

John Oliver Warns Meghan Markle What She's Getting Herself Into

Nothng more to be said about the UK royal family.
Democracy Now

The End of Trickle-Down Economics? Joe Stiglitz on the “Transformational” $1.9T American Rescue Plan

The man speaks truth

Julia Gillard misogyny speech voted most unforgettable Australian TV moment: watch in full

Just about sums it up!

Revealed: Queen lobbied for change in law to hide her private wealth

The UK class system begins right at the top of the pyramid.

Antifa, Women & Doomsday - Q&A | 4 September 2017

Normally quite "fluffy" this ABC QandA actually has some interesting stuff.
For the bit about English rule of India go to 44:50. Empire was a disaster for so many people who were oppressed.

Robin Williams and Matt Damon Interview for Good Will Hunting (1998)

Love the film. The interview says a great deal about the relationships and the city which is also a favourite of mine.
Nation Cymru

Monbiot: Wales should escape ‘chaotic, dysfunctional, corrupt’ UK as soon as possible

The UK system is broken. Elections are not democratic, the head of state has been shown to be corrupt and the government is a dictatorship.

Darren McGarvey’s Class Wars review – the truth about social mobility

Class is alive and well, living in the UK. See who the top dogs are and what their parents did.

"Brexit Referendum Was Corruptly Won, But Result Stands Thanks To Loophole"

In June 2016, in what was explicitly stated to be an advisory and non-binding referendum, 16,141,241 people, that is 48.1%, voted to remain, 17,410,742 people, that is 51.9% voted to leave. Any rational person would describe this as a “dead heat” - not an “overwhelming majority to leave”. However, only 37.4% of the restricted electorate (which excluded 16-18 years old and many UK citizens living abroad) voted to leave. 62.6% of this electorate did not vote to leave. In fact only 26% of the whole population voted to leave. It was therefore never “The will of the people” to leave the EU. These are the facts...

The Church of Sweden to allow Gender-Neutral References to God.

Kate has a good go at the man defending religion - who is also a wife beater. Wow, well worth watching.

For 50 years, zero tolerance to drugs has failed – yet Britain refuses to change

Yep, a complete waste of money and human effort.
Yorkshire Bylines

The Digby Jones Index

No Comment....

Billionaires backed Republicans who sought to reverse US election results

Money in politics, what a great idea!

1945 Labour Party Election Manifesto

Because I feel so many governments have lost their way, I thought I would see what was the basis for a peoples' manifest asctually looked like. Most of the text was written by Michael Dunlop Young, Baron Young of Dartington.
The Guardian

There’s a simple way to green the economy – and it involves cash prizes for all

It isn't rocket science. We are supposed to be an intelligent species.



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