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Annual Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture 2017 / Michael Sheen

So, time for Scotland and NI to leave the disasterous "Union", and, given the sentiment shown here by a most eloquent speaker from the third country which has insufficient say in its own affairs because of a completely out-of-kilter numerical difference between those three nations and one other, I hope they all get their long lost freedom.
as an asside I don't think "Little England" will be rejoining the continent in my lifetime, but I hope with all my heart that these three nations break loose during my stay on this rock.
The dominance of the english causes me pain which applies not just to the three nations. In my youth I read a book called "English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit" which describes how the North was let down by the dominance of victorian "British" culture.
Qoutes: " --- a quango state lead by quangos."
"The purpose of getting power is to give it away."
The Guardian

So long, we’ll miss you – we Europeans see how much you’ve helped to shape us

Yep, even more saddness.
The Guardian

Throughout history Britain’s ruling class has created crisis after crisis – just like now

It was ever thus and the general population is unaware of the damage being done to them.
The Guardian

I was one of the millions opposed to Brexit. I’ve seen nothing here to change my mind

It's a terrible deal, but the corrupt UK media will shine this turd and the general population will fail to see the corruption in clear view which the tories are implementing, on behalf of their donors.

The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming | David Wallace | Talks at Google

David Wallace-Wells wrote an article in 2019 which was published
in The New Yorker magazine, he then published a book and then gave
this interview to Google. It is Scary! It is also MUCH TOO LATE.
Das Erste

Es ist das Jahr 2034: Die Folgen der Klimakatastrophe sind dramatisch. Dürre und Hochwasser vernichten die Lebensgrundlage von Millionen Menschen.

Excellent future documentary highlighting the problems of Germany's industry having too much influence on Merkel's government and the effect on Climate Change.

Vatican control of World Health Organization population policy: An interview with Milton P. Siegel

When a religious organisation has such an influence on healthcare, the result is clear.
Post Carbon Institute

Imperialism and capitalism.

Makes so much sense. Our problems are based on a dominant system of control from colonialism through to the modern version of capitalism and neo-liberalism.
Post Carbon Institute

What's Causing the Environmental Crisis?

Too much inequality and technology is tied to existing, polluting industries. The 1% are destroying the planet. We need fast change to a different social structure. We need focus on well-being and public health as a priority. On the public provision of the conditions for good life and low resource use.
The New Yorker

Misremembering the British Empire

It was not what the British described..... The view from the other side is enlightening.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

Watched this again and it still makes me shudder....

Why Labour Lost: Oligarchs are Gaming Democracy

Digital Literacy, confronting the lies the Billionnaire media and internet trolls tell...

Professor John Ashton absolutely DESTROYS Boris Johnson

The worst government in Europe...

‘Elite concentration of illegal wealth is very powerful in our societies’ – journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown

The financial corruption continues at a pace...


The 1MDB scandal as supported by the offshore system. A major backbone of this money-laundering system is the City of London together with the UK jurisdicted Tay Havens. More here:

LIVE: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addresses confrontation with Rep. Ted Yoho

This lady is superb...

Isaac Asimov talks about superstition, religion and why he teaches rationality

Issac Asimov, a great, sensible mind - oh, and a scientist...

Boris & Trump's Deadliest Trick, w Stephen Fry.

Be careful who you vote for, it could be a fatal decsion..
The Guardian

Senior Tory accuses Johnson of blaming NHS for government's Covid-19 failings

They themselves know how utterly failed this UK government is. Tories seem only capabale of lying and incompetence.
The Guardian

When secret coronavirus contracts are awarded without competition, it's deadly serious - George Monbiot

We have the most corrupt "advanved" country in Europe

Inequality in the U.S. Banking System

We have no idea how lucky we are...
The Guardian

Boris Johnson says we shouldn't edit our past. But Britain has been lying about it for decades - George Monbiot

Most Brits have no idea how bad The EMpire was for those under our control...

Britain's Fish Capital Voted To Leave The EU — Now They Want It Back (HBO)

Haha, these people seem to have trouble thinking...

Money for trauma

Religion, such a wonderful gift to our lives...

WTF with Dylan Moran

This man is a delight, so much sense.
The Guardian

Don't worry about 'rewriting history': it's literally what we historians do - Charlotte Lydia Riley

Makes sense to me...
The Guardian

Britain goes it alone over coronavirus. We can only hope the gamble pays off - Devi Sridhar

The Tory government was told by the WHO at the end of January to respond to the Virus. This researcher also warned them well ahead of the lockdown.
The Guardian

Boris Johnson's US trade deal will make Britain a paradise for disaster capitalists - George Monbiot

The Tory government is a horror show.


Gives a boost to mornings...

The 1% lobby MPs because they want a government that works for them, not for you

And it never stops..

No Country is an Island – not even England

Yep, England has done it to itself......
The Guardian

Cummings and Johnson evil geniuses? Hardly, just lazy and incompetent - Nick Cohen

The UK media (mostly owned by billionnaires) not doing its job...

Mariana Mazzucato on New Economic Approaches

So much sense, especially applying conditions to bail-outs...
Irish Times

‘Brexit-busting’ ferry launched from Dublin Port

Well done Ireland, a great move......

Dylan Moran On Men Being Women | LIKE, TOTALLY... | Universal Comedy

Had to laugh... and more...

Ian Hislop's Fake News: A True History

I didn't know that The New York Times was founded to oppose Fake News...
The National

Nicola Sturgeon shows her mettle facing Tories driven by cash.

Now, that lady is a leader. Shows most male politicians up for what they really are.

Prof David Spiegelhalter tells Andrew Marr these daily Press Briefings are completely embarrassing

We have one of the most useless, corrupt, lying governments on the planet.
The Guardian

I made millions out of the last debt crisis. Now the wealthy stand to win again

Really, we are going to do this over again?
The National

Gerry Hassan: Britain's obsession with the past comes at a cost

The Empire and the Class System are still with us.
The New European

British exceptionalism: Where Brexit and our coronavirus response collide

The UK has failed in coordinated industrial strategy for decades. Innovation is mostly a myth too.
Times Literary Supplement

We share what we exhale A short cultural history of mask-wearing

A longer-term view of wearing masks.
Byline Times

Brexit bombshell: American-EU business lobby blows hole in Johnson’s Brexit plan

US businesses are worried about Brexit. Who'd have thunk it? The paper is here.
Byline Times

The Government is Giving Away YOUR Money To the Mail and the Sun

If I hadn't seen this I would not have believed this...
ABC News

Coronavirus spread in different countries is related to speed of response. Six charts tell the story

Incompetant Tories cost peoples' lives...
The Guardian

Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. No government should offer them a lifeline

I can't see this happenning, although it really should be.

Psychologist John Gartner: Trump is a "sexual sadist" who is "actively engaging in sabotage"

A bit heavy this..
Another Europe is Possible

Episode 54: Coronavirus Lockdown – Capitalism on life support: so what do we do next?

I've been saying the two issues of over population and the economic theory of growth are the biggest problems...
AZ Central

Bisbee man confesses he's molesting his daughter. Church tells bishop not to report abuse to authorities

And I was under the assumption this is century 21...
The New York Times

What the Great Pandemic Novels Teach Us

Interesting, about previous Viruses and Plagues
The Guardian

Richard Branson's bailout plea proves there's no one more shameless

He began as a bootlegger and seems to have taken being a "dick" to new heights.
Youtube (National Secular Society)

AC Grayling on religion and belief education (RE)

An excellent presentation on how religion is put to young minds in the UK. Not good in my opinion.
The Guardian

How do you become, formally, not-a-Catholic? You take the law into your own hands

Once we've got you...
ABC News

The world's energy order is changing — and China is set to reap the strategic benefits

Cheap energy in the form of planet polluting fossil fuels have been powering our lives for decades and making billions for corporations and their managers while also receiving tax breaks and subsidies from governments around the world. This is all abovt to end.

People Are Dying and All Britain Can Talk About Is Boris Johnson

As a very good friend has said: "I think the point is that decent people are not able to understand how deep the country has sunk in the recognition of outsiders. And that it’s respect is falling fast. This will of course take a longish time to enter the national psyche but when it eventually does it will be too late to save Britain’s influence and thus its prosperity."

Voter Power Website

A misnomer, actually lack of voter power under the UK FPTP system. This is not a democracy, millions, litterally millions of votes don't count in the UK.
The National

Gerry Hassan: Why there is no democracy in the UK

Bout right...
The Guardian

The British state has long been unfit for purpose. Now everyone can see that

Known this for a long, long time...
The Irish Post

Virus crisis reveals Boris Johnson's astonishing incompetence

As it is...
The National

Why globalist capitalism is to blame for the coronavirus pandemic

Much sense here...

Chomsky and Pollin: To Heal From COVID-19, We Must Imagine a Different World

And another indictment .....

The Worst Possible People are in Charge at the Worst Possible Time | George Monbiot on Coronavirus

An indictment if ever there was one...

Crumbling economies must tackle tax evasion to meet coronavirus crisis, experts warn

More than obvious..

21st Century RE For All Conference: A.C. Grayling

From agency to.... Religion in schools really should be presented as history.
The Lancet

Offline: COVID-19 and the NHS—“a national scandal”

This right-wing government has killed people (again). If you cannot admit your mistakes you are neither fit to govern, nor are you likely to do the right thing in a crisis.
The Guardian

Councillor's 'oven-ready' scheme to force private schools to pay their bit

The right-wing turn my stomach. There souldn't be a class system in education. All schools should be run by the State and be secular. Anything above and beyond it should be fully funded by the parents and their churches.

Fintan O'Toole, "The Politics of Pain"

Just about cover it. Madness!
The National

Outside in Garden Rooms carving out unique space in building sector

This could be the basis of one part of a revolution in house construction in Scotland.
The National

Scotland must act now to stop renewable energy being squandered just like oil

This is not good. 60% of the turbines in Denmark are owned by locals. A major change is necessary if the future of Scottish energy is to be of benefit for the people.
The Guardian

The idea that Johnson is ‘moving left’ may be Thatcher’s final victory

Some politicians are never going to change the colour of their spots, in spite of a massive change in circumstances.

Why the EU was started

Peace was the driver. A project backed by Winston Churchill
Center for European Reform

The British and their exceptionalism

Just about sums it all up...



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