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The Grauniad

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems

A seriously good article about the failure of Neoliberalism following the problems with Keynesian policies in the 1970s. The issues of Climate Change and Resource Overuse - both of which come from a vertiable explosion in World Population look like they will kill us all. A new direction is required, but there seem not to be any usable political theories out there.

Building and Construction

Waugh Thistleton designs one of the tallest timber office buildings in London

Timber, specifically CLT is about to go gang-busters


Wooden buildings reach new heights

The timber movement is beginning to gain traction.

The National

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Prospectus for Indyref2 has got to be more radical

Good article about voter choices. "The Same Old (left or right)" or "The Future".

Open Democracy

Five reasons why we don’t have a free and independent press in the UK and what we can do about it

You don't say.....?

Alternet Org

Trump and US Corporations

The discounts, subsidies and credits the Corporations get is astronomical.


How Talking About Trump Makes Him Normal In Your Brain

Seems right to me. How to hell the Truth.

The Guardian

A Brexit betrayal is coming – but who will get the blame?

Westminster supports Corporations

democracy now!

Inside Exxon's Great Climate Cover-Up: From Early Climate Change Researcher to Epic Climate Denier

Let's not ever let them forget their deeds.


The school of the future has opened in Finland

Better to go forwards than back.

Journalism in a Post-Fact Trump Era

Quote: "CNN’s Christiane Amanpour urges her fellow journalists to commit to reporting not just on facts but also on values while refusing to normalize the hate and bigotry of the so-called “alt-right” that Trump’s campaign unleashed. To Amanpour, this dedication to the truth means “investigating wrongdoing, holding power accountable, enabling decent government, [and] defending basic rights.”

The Grauniad

Prof. Harald Lesch redet Klartext zum Klimawandel - Anthropozän lanz 6.10.2016

Klimatage und Waschtums Irsinn.

The Grauniad

Why our 21st century democracy needs the spirit of 1647
Michael Mansfield

Quote: "Now is the time to reach back into this history, and stem the advance of the new elite. Nothing should be off the table: the monarchy, the House of Lords, the relationship between the constituent parts of the UK, our outdated voting system. Questions about all these have been floating around for a long time, but rarely has the need to address them been so urgent. We need to create a democracy fit for the 21st century, in which the power of the people predominates over the people in power.*

You Tube

Gregory House On Religion

Some good ones here....

You Tube

Dr Denise Baden battles with the establishment view of Fidel Castro at the BBC

seems that the BBC dislikes Castro as much as it dislikes Scotland....

You Tube

The Solar Power Plant Noor: A shining light in the desert

Makes sense to me assuming the political issues can be sorted-out.

The Raw Story

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside

A bit like the Brexiteers, but in this case not so much a desire for past "good times" as anti-science, anti-change, based on religion.
Quote: "When a 3,000-year-old book that was written by uneducated, pre-scientific people, subject to translation innumerable times, edited with political and economic pressures from popes and kings, is given higher intellectual authority than facts arrived at from a rigorous, self-critical, constantly re-evaluating system that can and does correct mistakes, no amount of understanding, no amount of respect, no amount of evidence is going to change their minds, assuage their fears."

You Tube



The Guardian

Trump’s climate denial is just one of the forces that points towards war. George Monbiot

Things are going to get really bad - probably sooner than many of us expect. Climate Change + overpopulation + few jobs = combustion

The National

Michael Gray: Eviction of Arran crofters is not just personal, it's political

It is high time to dump these free-loaders.

The Guardian

Nearly half of all Brits exhibit views that are anti-immigration, anti-Europe and cynical about human rights. Their politics are rooted in a fear of freedom, the very thing the left and centre must defend

How sad.

Daily Kos

Aftermath November 2016 from Steve Cohen on Vimeo.

Yep, time to not compromise with ignorant people ****
Huffington Post

Elizabeth Warren Blasts Trump For Embracing Lobbyists And Bigots

Business in Politics ****

Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Most interesting ****

Trump in the White House: An Interview With Noam Chomsky

In Summary: Our children, and their children ar Fucked! ****

Rust-belt romantics don’t get it: the middle class is being wiped out too

Capitalism gone beserk: And we are all getting stung, well not a very small bunch of exceddingly or super-rich
The National

Lesley Riddoch: Is Westminster deliberately sabotaging our renewables industry?

The Tories and their friends are having a very bad effect on the UK.
The National

Mhairi Black: Tories tell Concentrix we're all crooks while real ones drink champagne

Politics as if the people mattered.
You Tube

Merade - Dakota at the UN

This conflict has to make every correct-thinking person sick.
Ferdinand Ludwig

Combining live trees and architecture

Seems to me this is very interesting, a development of Biological Building which I started to follow in the early 1990s.
You Tube

SignAloud: Gloves that Transliterate Sign Language into Text and Speech

What a grand development.

It takes a special arrogance to say the poverty in I, Daniel Blake is unrealistic

The Tories are evil. Denial is usually the the first stage of correcting a problem, and they haven't yet begun.

Are Trump Supporters Too Dumb To Know They’re Dumb? Science Says “Probably”

Also worth a read.

Never give a straight answer: how I learned to talk like a politician

Worth a read.
Youtube - CNBC

Perils Of Eroded Civic Knowledge Forewarned | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

So many problems not being solved - Governments are still applying old (dogmatic) solutions to modern problems. Things need to change in a big way.

Euromyths A-Z index

Thank You Boris - the people were fooled.
The Intellectualist

Noam Chomsky: Today’s GOP Might Be Most Dangerous Organization in Human History

30 years and what have we got?
Guardian (.au)

A free market in tax is a grotesque reality

He's got this right. Change anyone?

The Empire Files: Abby Martin with Dr. Jill Stein - Symptoms of a Sick Society

So much sense - The Greens.
The Unbounded Spirit

Drugs don't cause Addiction


The Empire Files - Enter the biggest prison system in history

Thanks Republicans, The War on Drugs - modern slavery. "Lamd of the Free" anyone?

West Wing President Bartlet Standing up to the Bible

Kills it.

The Fantastic Mr Feynman


10 Times Richard Feynman Blew Our Minds

What a person he was.
Psychology Today

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support Research explains why Donald Trump maintains support despite shocking behavior.

Some attempts to explain stupidity.
Renewable Energy Network

Trial Begins for German Storage Facility Built with Used EV Batteries

Watch how the whole "intermittent" arguement against renewables is going to go away in the next decade. If only governments would take them on-board with enthusiasm.

James: Why The Media's Take On Corbyn Needs To Change

The UK media is so right-wing.

Fox News?

Rupert Murdoch is the person behind all this crap.
Simple Capacity

Your Zodiac Sign Has Shifted: NASA Updated The Zodiac Signs For The First Time In 2,000 Years

Haha, what a joke. I have been told I am a "typical" Libra, whereby I am a Virgo. WTF?
IFL Science

Largest Survey Yet Finds Fluoridation Safe And Effective

This won't stop the conspiracists. Alex Jones take note.
The National

Kevin McKenna: An independent Scotland will be Cameron’s legacy

One of the worst PMs ever.
Guardian (.au)

Face the facts: competition and profit don't work in health, education or prisons

Too right, a terrible idea to put profit before people.
Business Insider

A neuroscience researcher reveals 4 rituals that will make you happier

Seems to make sense.
The National

Carolyn Leckie: Talk of meritocracy is cheap when privilege is still for sale at private schools

And the tories continue to drive backwards. Michael young was a great innovator.

16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker.

And still there are people who believe and newspapers (?) which promote this falsehood.

Leading insurers tell G20 to stop funding fossil fuels by 2020

Insurance companies have been concerned with Climate Change for 30+ years - read their Annual Reports. Now they seem to be getting serious.
Kate Prothero

I’ve Had Enough Of Hearing About Jeremy Corbyn.

Spot on.
True Publica

Why Corbyn so terrifies the Guardian

Interesting use of Mr. Kuhn's work from back when. Makes sense to me.

Terminally ill artist who chose assisted dying gathered friends to say goodbye

This should be availabe to everyone.

My life and The Beatles

As Caroline says: "We had The Beatles" and how great it was.
You Tube

Paul McCartney and Jools Holland - Lady Madonna

You Tube

Melody Gardot and Stephan Braun

Desert Island Discs

Tom Hanks

A delightful man this. Talented too.
Great Lives

Mervyn King on Risto Ryti

A man with character, supporting Finland.
One Million Women

Naomi Klein, Capitalism and Climate Change

She doesn't hold back.
Huff Post

Iceland Has Jailed 29 Bankers. Why Can't the UK and US Do the Same?

Worth a read - scrumpy eh?

Britain broke Iraq. We can’t turn our back on its refugees

Simon Jenkins just about says it all about the illegal war in Irak and the de-stabilisation of the Arab World. Maybe this is the final throws of Empire, both US and Britain?
BBC Future

How do people or companies with vested interests spread ignorance and obfuscate knowledge? Georgina Kenyon finds there is a term which defines this phenomenon.

And, so we have - Agnotology

US inequality

Got that?

Inequality: how wealth is distributed in the UK - animated video -

Did someone say equitable? Balanced?
Sam Altman

Technology and wealth inequality

Worth a read. What will all those unemployed people do? Laze around or write novels?
The National

Cat Boyd: Get rid of private schools that foster social apartheid

Too bloody obvious.
You Tube

A campaign to convince multi-national companies operating in Australia to pay their fair share of tax.

This is true for most developed countries. Corporations are runing our infrastructure, and that even before the effects of low wages.
Richard Dawkins Foundation

Americans are in the middle of the pack globally when it comes to importance of religion

The implication of the chart is too obvious

Should We Solar Panel The Sahara?

Gerhard Kneiss in Germany began it all - Desertec. I translated their first release on this.




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