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Remarks by Senator Warren on Citigroup and its bailout provision

The US has lost its way. Go ELizabeth.
The Grauniad

Tories accused of ‘trying to buy election’ with 23% hike to campaign spending

Simply corrupt.
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Jim Jeffries - Gun Control

A superb show.
The Grauniad

Scotland's thrilling new powers will make English politics more reactionary than ever

A clever lady, who, IMHO almost never gets things wrong: "England, in the months to come, will be getting wound up about “English votes for English matters”, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it’s the quality of the legislation being voted for that’s important, far above all else."
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How is the world getting better? Charles Kenny explains

We are much more interested in -ve news, this is to do wwith our evolution. However, there is reason for hope.
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Ethan Nadelmann: Why we need to end the War on Drugs

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Jim Jefferies on Religion (It's for Idiots)

Wanna a good laugh.
The Grauniad

Guardian Live stream: Naomi Klein

The crisis comes from two sources: The "end of history", e.g. the rise of brutal capitalism and the effects of Global Warming. This is a good summary.
The Grauniad

First floating solar farm built in UK

What a brilliant idea, uses "wasted" space, and also prevents the water from evaporating.
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Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling: How not to be ignorant about the world

The fact that we don't know much about the world is not entirely the ,edia's fault - but. The Knowledge base is on its way. More at http://www.gapminder.org/ignorance/

The Grauniad

Why is Thomas Piketty's 700-page book a bestseller?

Because he is right?

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Tim Minchin Occasional Address and Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters

A man who knows how to use words.

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Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger Has Had Enough

Religious tolerance - really. Why should we allow people with stupid ideas in their heads to have any influence on the way our lives are organised?

The Grauniad

A good state would give each of us the chance to thrive

This is a really sensible article coming from a group which is working on an evolving humanity. I can only hope this will take off, we need to get back to a path which helps us all - a givernment of the people.
The organisation is Class: Centre for Labour and Social Studies classonline.org.uk

The Humanist

Rules Are for Schmucks: The Catholic Church’s Secrecy Privilege

Religion: A poison.

Bill Moyers

A Simplified Way to Tax Multinational Corporations

I have been saying this for years. Anthony Samson back in the 1060s said this was an issue. It really is about time it was fixed.

IFL Science

Doctors Bow After 11-Year-Old Brain Tumor Patient Donates Organs

This really hit me. Greatest respect to the young man.

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Whitehouse schools Inhofe on climate change

Republicans seem to have their heads in the sand - wonder if it will burn them because it's so hot?

The Grauniad

World's top PR companies rule out working with climate deniers

Finally - The arrival of reason. Fox will soon be on their own with the Energy Corporations, oh amd the Koch Brothers.

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GENIAL! Finanzkrise / Eurokrise einfach erklärt (Markus Lanz - Finanzwelt)

So crystal clear and hilarious.

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Christopher Hitchens - Mother Teresa: Hell's Angel

Religion poisons everything. There never was a god and never will be.


Naomi Oreskes: Why we should trust scientists

And there we have it.

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Saudi Arabia Tries to Silence Center for Inquiry at UN Human Rights Hearing

It seems I am a terrorist.

The American Precidency Project

Statement by the President on the 10th Anniversary of the Landing in Normandy.

A modest man. People forget.

The Guadrian

Why Britain still wants to fight Europe on the beaches

Ah yes, the Brits - the pirates of Europe. Fog in the Channel and all that. Worse than silly. And a rather good comment from the article: "

However, not many of us like the EU, because it seeks a federal Europe, something we don't want and never signed up to.

This is highly naïve. The shape of the EU today is more than anything else a consequence of British policy. It was Britain, more than any other EU state, which pushed for a single market (N.B. not the same as a free trade area) in the mid 1980s and Britain, more than any other EU state, which pushed for expansion to the east post-1989. The issue of 'federalism' arises because a single market requires a common polity, and a large single market requires an extensive common polity.

Did 'we' sign up for this? Well, in the 1975 Referendum we agreed to the 1957 Treaty of Rome which had as its first line a commitment to ever closer union. Then we kept voting in governments which pursued these policies so I suppose that in a sense we did sign up for it. In 1983 Labour's manifesto (the one that many of those now wanting to leave the EU called the longest suicide note in history) committed the UK to leaving Europe. Labour lost, resoundingly, and three years later Mrs Thatcher's government passed the Single European Act that created the single market. In 1992 the Maastricht Treaty was signed by the Tory government and a few months later was re-elected. And then we kept electing governments which were committed to EU expansion.

So it's a bit late now for us to stamp our feet like spoilt children and say we don't like it. And, to be fair, only a minority - but a noisy, self-righteous minority - of us do.

The Raw Story

Bill Maher battles Christian conservative: Why did ‘perfect’ Bible call for slavery and stonings?

Smile. Relgion is funny if only it just wasn't so self-righteous and influential in too many ways.

The Guardian

A eulogy to the NHS: What happened to the world my generation built?

We have lost our way, today's world is not for the benefit of you and I, or the planet. The elite have taken over.

The Guardian

This year, I will wear a poppy for the last time

One man's analysis of the ills of our "modern" society and its relationship to war. ".....the struggles my generation made to build this country into a civilised state for the working and middle classes. If we are to survive as a progressive nation we have to start tending to our living because the wounded: our poor, our underemployed youth, our hard-pressed middle class and our struggling seniors shouldn't be left to die on the battleground of modern life."


Meet global corruption's hidden players

This lady is really serious. Needs support. Corprations really are the major problem - eneblers of all sorts of things.

The Grauniad

Why London turns a blind eye to Russia's adventurism

Interesting read.

The Grauniad

Tony Benn on socialism – audio interview from 2006

A very lucid pensioner.

Richard Dawkins Foundation

Grandma's Experiences Leave Epigenetic Mark on Your Genes

More research on the effect on Genes of significant events.

You Tube

Future News featuring Andrew Lincoln, Bill Nighy, Clémence Poésy,

The Pirates of the UK are getting this all wrong - in order to protect their financial services corporations.

NY Mag

1% Jokes and Plutocrats In Drag: What I Saw When I Crashed a Wall Street Secret Society

"Pure" e.g. unbridled capitalism, just what we all need..


EU agency sued for transparency on toxic chemicals

What Industry gets away with - to the detriment of your health.

Huff Post

More Toxic Chemicals Damaging Children's Brains, New Study Warns

Don't smile if you need to think.


Sweater stretchers....


The Grauniad

Flooding and storms in UK are clear signs of climate change, says Lord Stern

No comment.

The Grauniad

UK floods making climate sceptics hot under the collar

Subsequent to recent weather in the UK, the inmates are out in force.


Noam Chomsky (2014) "How to Ruin an Economy; Some Simple Ways

It is all so obvious, yet we seem to have no remedy for our ills.

Bloomberg News

Germany to Expand Offshore Wind-Power Capacity Fourfold in 2014

It is possible to transition, even in Germany! The North of the country is at the same latitude as Labrabor.

The Daily Beast

Sir David Attenborough: Enough With the Creationists and Climate Change Deniers!



All Natural advertising

Of course.

Spirit Science and Metaphysics

You are in for such a surprise at the end

What did you eat today?

You Tube

Elon Musk: The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity ...

High-risk entrepreneur - love it!

The Grauniad

If only Tory attitudes to the first world war had shifted as Germany's have

The UK is lost in the past. The pirates of Europe.

The New York Times

Religious Freedom, Secular Forum

Excellent article about Human Rights and how far (or not) religious freedom can go.

The Grauniad

Northern Ireland child abuse inquiry: 'We were child slaves from a young age' Hundreds come forward to tell Northern Ireland inquiry about historical institutional abuse in the country .

The continuing story of child abuse with the church taking a leading role. Why the government gave up these children to disfunctional religius institues one can only guess at. Having read " Banished Babies: The Secret Story of Ireland's Baby Export Business" this really hits home. Religion poisons everything. More here.

The Grauniad

Powerful lobbyists and fawning ministers are corroding society The lack of regulation and legislation for which wealthy lobbyists press is mostly a form of welfare for big business.

Noam Chomsky calls this the dominace of the Plutonomy over the Precariate. Rich individuals and corporations get exactly what they want.

Up Worthy

L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson Spills The Family Secrets On How Scientology Started. Eek.

All you ever need to know about these people.

The Guardian

First world war: an imperial bloodbath that's a warning, not a noble cause

Watch out! Here come all the right-wingers and nationalists.

The Weather Channel

Mysterious Earthquake Lights Linked to Rift Zones

And, now we know where some of those "UFOs" come from.

You Tube

Life of Brian- 1979 Debate

Religion - such a sad human invention. Thanks again to George Harrison for sponsoring the making of the film. Time has moved on. It seems even stranger, with hindsight, to see people seriously discussing relgion.
Quote: "The name Brian - an individual who is rather anonymous and a touch dim."




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