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The Guardian

A Smartypants Scientist Makes An Easy Analogy About Our Planet, And Now I'm Scared

Yep, scary.

You Tube

The last interview with Carl Sagen

"You blast them all, creationists, pseudo scientists, astrologers come in for particular scorn. Well I don't say scorn, just derision."

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Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2013: David Simon

Mandatory watching.

Up Worthy

Someone Put 2 Examples Of Anti-Science Politics Side-By-Side. The Results Are Damning.

Deny, deny and deny....

Up Worthy

Environment, International

How lucky do we feel?

You Tube

How 'religious moderates' protect 'religious extremists' - Sam Harris

Moderates and religious modesty is also to be thown away. "Faith is a euphemism for gullibility."

The new York Times

The Charitable-Industrial Complex

The son of Warren Buffet has it right. The system is broken, the rich manipulate the tax system so that they have more (most of which they simply don't need and can never spend) so the government has insufficient funds to provide free education, healthcare, etc... So then the rich spend money (as they see fit) on charities to attempt to compensate. What a mess.
Quote: "It’s what I would call “conscience laundering” — feeling better about accumulating more than any one person could possibly need to live on by sprinkling a little around as an act of charity."


Barry Schwartz: Using our practical wisdom


Huff Post

Bill Maher Bashes Supreme Court Over Voting Rights, Citizens United: 'You F*cked Up, You Shouldn't Have Trusted Us'

The Supremes used to be a Motown Group - no?


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: How a Louisiana Student is Teaming With Top Scientists to Reform Science Education

Such quality in a young man!

Huff Post

This Senator Is Going To Keep Talking About Climate Change Until Somebody Listens

And still they listen not!

Huff Post

Test your hearing


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Elizabeth Warren Brings News Anchors To Knees

Question: "Is CNBC in the pockets of Wall Street?"

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Sen. Warren on Republicans' Shutdown Threats

And there you have it! The right wing is not just misogynous, it is truely evil!

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Elizabeth Warren Smacks Down Wall Street Bankers

Now there's a lady who could shake things up a bit. She would make an exceptional President of the US. If only......

The New Statesman

Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt

It is actually a lot worse than people are saying. The current business interests are leading us down the drain.
Quote: "....his research shows that our entire economic paradigm is a threat to ecological stability. And indeed that challenging this economic paradigm – through mass-movement counter-pressure – is humanity’s best shot at avoiding catastrophe."

The New Statesman

Russel Brand on Revolution

I find this chap's manner offensive, but have to bow to his ideas and the slick (intellectual) way he uses words - with real meaning and understanding.
Quote: "These are old, dead ideas. That’s why their business is conducted in archaic venues. Antiquated, elegant edifices, lined with oak and leather. We no longer have the luxury of tradition."


James Burke

As he said, representative democracy has had it's day.


Sting, live in Berlin - Whenever I say your Name

No feet tapping now!


James Burke - Connections

Erudite and etertaining look at some of the history of science and inventions. This man was unique, if only this stuff were shown in all schools and someone had taken up the baton for the current generation instead of all the crap now on the box. He also did two other series "The Day the Wold Changed" and "After the Warming".
Quote: "Alexandria had the largest collection of books, somebody burnt them - Religion at work."


WELSH Guard plays "Darth Vader" for Saudi King

Celebrating a wholy backward society run by a monarch and his clerics.

The Raw Story

Why are US healthcare costs so high?

Because - well watch!.

The Raw Story

Wisconsin Democrat who infiltrated ALEC: 'They don't want people involved in the political process'

This is the way the capitalist system is going. It all started with the Replublicans loosing with Barry Goldwater.


Michael Sandel: What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets

And there we have it. The limits of this dash to privatise everything that can be.

Science deniers just don't think: All hail the scientific method

Yep, there are still far too amny people who don't bother to think about science and how we work things out.

You Tube

Extremely Dangerous job! High Power Line Worker

Three things he is scared of...


CNBC Hosts Decide To Teach Senator Warren How Regulation Works. Probably Shouldn't Have Done That.

This lady is seriously brilliant!

The Guardian

The internet advocates crusading for our privacy and security

Too right, we need these whistleblowers. They should be rewarded, which is usually just to opposite of how the are treated.


Human rights are for humans, not for ideologies

What a clear, sensible article.


Michael Green: Why we should build wooden skyscrapers

Timber buildings, all the reasons we should be using wood for construction.

10 vor 10

Shown on the 12-JUL-2013

Wood is the future for construction - now that the insurance problems are out of the way.

Rachel Maddow Show

The Lady who wrote "Dead Men Walking".

Very erudite - such character.

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Street Prank

Interactive fun from Sweden.

You Tube

Daniel Dennet In Aussie

Atheism denial. Fun!

You Tube

The Daily Show: John Oliver Investigates Gun Control in Australia - Part 1

Mandatory, see where the US is seriously broken.

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Hand of the Almighty

Tra la la.


Does positive imagery make you healthy and happy?

Love Goldie - smart blonde! Beyond Reading, Riting and Rithmetic.

You Tube

Maurice Williamson: 'Rainbow across my electorate'


The Guardian

Leaks reveal secrets of the rich who hide cash offshore

Our governments should stop this.

Jon Stewart

With Cramer

He has a point - the role should be to reveal, provide transparency.


Matt Daemon and Education

Such right-wing trash.


Artists in the hissy.

Jon Stewart is simply great.

Jon Stewart

28th of March 2013

Just such a laugh. Let gays get married.

You Tube

George Carlin - National Press Club

A delight for word nerddies.

Charlie Rose

Jeremy Grantham, Co-founder and Chief Investment Strategist of Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo

Quote: "Debt is not the problem. What matters is the quality of your people - education, and levels of capital investment."


Mit heisser Luft: Tessiner will Solartechnik revolutionieren

Cheaper than current technology. Decidedly great!

The Guardian

Windfarm sickness spreads by word of mouth, Australian study finds.

Proud turbines keep on turning. And one comment to this article, which just about says it: "Interestingly, those most fiercely opposed to wind turbines seem curiously relaxed about the expansion of nuclear power - although a faulty turbine would seem to pose a somewhat lesser risk than a malfunctioning nuclear reactor; there being no requirement to evacuate the entire region in the case of the former. I suggest that detractors somehow feel wind turbines to be symbolic of leftish political thinking, and therein lies the root cause of their opposition."


Watch A Smart Guy Stump A Religious Bigot With Her Own Religion

How's that whole relgious thing working out?

BBC news Magazine

IMF chief Christine Lagarde: 'Women should not imitate men'

Go Lehman sisters!

Mother Jones

We're Scarily Close to the Permafrost Tipping Point

Future generations are fucked!


9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About This Mind-Blowing Fact

This should be taught in schools - forget religion.


A Psychic Reveals His Greatest Trick. It's Actually Kind Of Terrifying.

How's that paranormal stuff working out for you?

You Tube

Ivana Bacik debates Church and State at TCD Faith Forum

Keep churches out of our lives!


Super capacitors.

The continuing story of Graphene - super!


The Most Honest Three Minutes In Televion History


You Tube

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E

A delight....


What happens at an atheist church?

Seriously? Haha

What does Sharia law have to offer Britain?

The answer is - nothing.

You Tube

Tim Minchin...Confessions -

Quote: "We're just fucking monkeys in shoes."

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Robert Reich

The top 1% are paid 27% of income and own 35% of US wealth.

You Tube

Atheist Bitchslap on The BIG QUESTIONS [Does Heaven Exist]

Me neither.

You Tube

Katz's Delicatessen - in "When Harry Met Sally"

Of course not! Haha

You Tube

Tim Minchin - Storm

A wonderful pot-pori of thought.




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