Some things I like

Where What Comments
Dan Ariely

On cheating, and the stock market ...

and how do you cheat?

Lesley Hazleton

On reading the Koran ...

a place of fecundity, where water flows....

Christopher Hitchens

goes After Rabbi Harold Kushner re: Circumcision ...

genital mutilation....

Christopher Hitchens

on Billy Graham, $cientology and religious hypocrisy ...


Therese of Albania

Some saint, some miracle - 1.
Part - 2.
Part - 3.

How about a double take?

Leonard Cohen

I'm Your Man (Live In London 2009)

Pure Poetry...


Douglas Adams.

Marvelously entertaining...

Ron Paul

Defending Wikileaks

Such is the truth, though it will probably go unoticed...

Jamie Oliver

Fast Food at TED

Go Jamie.... tell them like it really is...

Mr Anderson (CNN)

Talks to "Birther"!

Do 27% of Americans think?

Daniel C. Dennett

Thank Goodness!

A rather exceptional comparison between religion and Science. Highly Recommended!

ABC News

part 1
part 2

Hitchens stares death in the eye


Michael Shermer on strange beliefs - debunking all sorts of crap

Just 5 mins....


A.C. Grayling

Just 5 mins....

Christopher Hitchens

Those 10 rules

A calmer look at those 10 rules - well clamer than George Carlin (below).

Prof. Danny Doring

1. Elitism
2. Exclusion
3. Prejudice
4. Greed
5. Dispair

Series of 5 videos used for a research project.

Josef Stigliz

Put Corporate Criminals in Jail

A very good summary of some of the contemporay issues in finance and politics.

Benjamin Zander

Classical music with shining eyes

A very good presenter, methinks

Tim Jackson

Reality Chech

How to get out of the cul-de-sac?

Elisabeth Warren

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

This is frightening...

Michael Shermer

On strange things


Richard Dawkins

On militant atheism

Lots of fun... seriously, many religious puns...

Dan Dennett

On dangerous memes

Because we are just a bundle of ideas, this could be relevant.... Oh, and some of them are toxic.

Steven Pinker

On the myth of violence

We've never had it so good...

Steven Pinker

The Blank Slate

A review of his book, published in 2003...

Polly Toynbee

Religion is Poison

And right she is too. What surprises me is that women take this from the male club of the pointed hats...

Nick Cohen

Societies without God are more benevolent

And now, let's be reasonable......

Martin Wolf

Supply-side anyone?

Failed econonic thinking from the US Republicans...

Geoffrey Robertson

From 1215

Our rights......


Dog swims with ....

Life and times on an island.

Backward men

Taxi driver

What happened to the age of enlightenment?

Faith Schools


This is mandatory seeing....

Interview with Dawkins

The Science Network

Short, detailed interview.


Who are we?

Maybe more - how are we? ....


Hotel in Torbay?

So where did the idea come from? ....



The catholics at odds with each other (German) ....

Cape Wind

Gets approval

This is a major changer of our generation....


Universe 101

Great for school kids....

A.C. Grayling

Answering critics

Suscinct description of the foolery of religion.

Water for all


One good example of all the things we don't need...

George Carlin

The 10 Commandments


Religion is bullshit

The absurdities of the christian commandments... and as if there weren't cultures long long before the christians came along which also had "rules" based on morals...
a. Maat - the Egyptian system of morals that includes the Golden Rule - c.2500 BC
b. Hebrews in Egypt - no earlier than 1800 BC
c. Exodus - no earlier than 1450 BC
d. Ten Commandments - within 40 years of the Exodus - 1430 BC
So who taught morals to whom?

Tea for whom?

Parkinson's sufferer part 2

And what exactly is wrong with socialism - e.g. looking after people who are less fortunate?

Tea for whom?

Parkinson's sufferer

And we are all 99.4% the same - who would have thought it?

Beth Niesen Chapman


Happiness showed up today, drunk again and full of wit.
And the only moment we can hold is the one that's going by.

Bobby McFerrin

Audience Participation

This you must see ....
The Swedes

Dance to the Music

A delightful, playful fitness tool ...
Crystal Bowesox

As long as I can see the Light

Music to make your skin crawl, again...
Crystal Bowesox

Why should I stay?

Music to make your skin crawl...
Dustin Rees

I want to watch

A real gem...
Monty Python

The Penis Song

Noel Coward, but about a Penis.
Monty Python

Every Sperm is Sacred

Don't listen to this if you are of the catholic persuation....


Seems that humans really do have fixed views and science is something we either reject because it doesn't fit in with our world view or we think scientists are elitist... hang on to your hope!

Grab that treat...


How it used to be

Rowan Rowan Atkinson

Amazing Jesus

US Politics

Listen 1 and Listen 2

BBC Radio Podcast on the Politics of Healthcare, some insights into how the US political system have developed over the years and how it no longer really works of one of the parties continually prevent action.

She sings

When the wind is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case..... (Together with Jools)


Liverpool Street station, like never before
Indian poetry


Quite rude, but diverse.
For smokers


The lounge is the place to be..
Dogs and cats


Which do you prefer?
Verdi incogitatus

In Spain

Makes one smile....
Free Academic Courses


Now I have a way of filling my evenings, this is simply superb that this stuff is available .... and free! What a wonderful world!
The Robin Hood Tax

Curtis and Nighy

Beautifully done..
Terry Pratchett on Assisted Death


Wonderful lecture given as the Dimbleby Lecture. One of the (many) interesting points is the framing of the phrase "assisted suicide". You might also chuckle at " ... it's probably worth a google." Listening to the eruditions of a crafter of words, someone of the statue of Sir Terry on this subject is simply delightful.
George Lakoff berkeley.edu Why there is no such thing as "Free Markets"?
George Lakoff Youtube Language



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