Countries/territories visited: .it, ch, .de, .lu, .be, .fr, .eng, .scot, .wal, es, .pt

The New Year begins with many walks in the Nature reserve and along the coast. It is sometimes pretty rough.

Rough Seas

We get to see Ospreys from the Naval Air Station Sigonella from time to time.

On the beach as the sun rises.


And my new look. It was a bit wild. €13, still not as good as the ladies in Albufiera.



Some days it is simply a privilege to be here, on the beach.

Before the wave

After the wave


Long Man

Luminoso Beach in the evening


Matalla Sun

The local Sheep herd

One of the campsite owner's lady dogs has a litter. There is a suggestion that Zoa has been involved....

Mitzi's puppies

With friends I head up the hill to Donnafugata where there is a palace


a number of relaxed, sleeping dogs

dogs at rest

and also good food, seafood risotto and orange and fenel salad...

risotto orange and fenel salad

I need a rest afterwards


On the 15-FEB we leave Luminoso and have a last coffee with good friends. Some shopping at the Santa Croche Camerina market and then off northwards on the road up to Ragusa - a lovely view of Etna in the clouds and on to Brucoli.

Brucoli Cliff Parking Just free Wifi, but a great view. 37.28424 15.18623

Brucoli castle

Brucoli Eatery

Brucoli Morning

17-FEB off to Camper Cantarella to have the freezer fixed. Then a few days back at the Eden site.


Etna Morning

Walks on the beach at Recanati


27-FEB and we are off to the west coast. Such a lovely sunny day on mainly re-surfaced roads and viaducts with views of the hills, gorges and rocky escarpments. The night is spent at Mazara de Vallo by the port.

Mazara de Vallo port Parking A bit busy in the evening then very quiet. 37.65044 12.58747

The night

The Park beside the Promenade

In the morning a lovely, warming coffee, before heading off to Masala and the salt pans north of the town.

Isola di Mozia Café Parking Very quiet. The "owner" said we could stay on the private carpark overnight for free. 37.86331 12.48493


View of Isola de Mozia

There are local tours and any number of businesses offering free parking for motor homes

Island Tours

A flamingo flies by and just look how they keep the salt from being washed away...

Salt under tiles


1-MAR, we arrive in San Vito Lo Capo where the wind is up.

San Vito Lo Capo Parking A quiet place to park not far from the lighthouse by the port. 38.18328 12.73207


San Vito Lo Capo

And the deep red poppies are out.


The Town

5-MAR, and we move to the campsite under the big hill for a few days. The wind is still up.

La Pineta Campsite Reasonable facilites and Wifi included at a reasonable price. €13. 38.17186 12.74800

The Beach

And then we decide to go for a little walk - upwards.

10-MAR We leave and go to Scopello which is the other end of the National Park. There is a great view, but nothing much else as dogs are not allowed in the park.


And a couple turn up - just newly married.

Marriage cart

The sun also goes down below the hills early in the day, so off we go to Segesta.

Segesta Official Parking No facilities (there is a café with toilets) but the people are very friendly. €7 and we can stay the night. Free shuttle bus (no dogs) to the temple and theater. 37.94810 12.82747

In the morning I take the bus and visit the sights, with a lot of wind and carpets of wild flowers, borage and of course fenel.

Segente Temple

Segente Theater

Then it's onwards back to Mazara Del Vallo where there is a sports event taking place along the promende, so a bit tricky parking, we have to wait. There are a lot of people about - maybe it's just Sunday evening, or maybe one of those many Italian holidays?

And .... I see an amazing sight - a Maserati hearse!


Mazara de Vallo port Parking A bit busy in the evening then very quiet. 37.65044 12.58747


12-MAR I go and try the museum which is good with a video about how the Satire was brought up from the drink.


Dancer Dancer


We then go overland through impressive hills to Montreal where we get some rain and hail. At this time the windscreen wiper decides to give up the ghost - wonderful! Then it's on into Palermo to the same parking we visited in 2011.

Green Camper Parking Not cheap, €20 with toilets and hot showers (€1) and free Wifi. 38.11023 13.34297

The sun comes out and we walk down the main drag, which is a pedestrian area in the afternoons - most refreshing when compared to the majority of other busy town streets.

Palermo Street


14-MAR and after a final day in Palermo we board the ferry to Genua.

Today we hear that Fiona has left us. A very sad day, especially for her close family.

A vivacious woman with a touch of adventure she died in a country I think she loved and where many people loved her.


Fiona Fiona

Fiona on the Clifs

With Zoa


16-MAR We arrive back in Zurich to visit friends and family.

And two days later we get this when we visit friends near Basel:


Zoa and Guoia

Any number of appointments with doctors, etc.

We also get to the mountains - twice.



Iltios (Unterwasser)


We see my boys a couple of times and also a good friend and neighbour.


Zoa and Asi


We pass by the dealer to have a few things fixed in Bad Krotzingen then on to Ten Haaft to have the TV replaced. Which didn't happen because it's Spring and every man and his dog needs work done on their TV systems. Still, will get a new one in the UK.

Ten Haaft customer Parking A bit busy in the evening then very quiet. 48.88574 08.63124


Only drove this way to profit from their very inexpensive diesel.


Drive through


28-MAR - We spend overnight at Gravelines before

29-MAR - departing on the ferry from Dunkirk



We arrive and trundle along the coast. It is so very difficult to find a place to just park and grab a sandwich in this country. I wonder why? We head on to a friend in Hastings and stay the night, most comfortable.

Then on to the Gosport area to stay a night with my cousin.

Finally we arrive in Totnes and unpack before parking Ruth in a muddy farm yard.

We do shopping, register me, the van and Zoa.

On some days the Dart looks better than on others. Devon still has a lot of mud, so Zoa is introduced to the morning "hose down", he loves it of course. Haha.

Cold and damp

Less so..

A delightful Sunday spent walking from Thurlstone to Bantham, with a pub meal thrown in too.

View of Burgh Island and Bantham

Man and Dog

Also a walk to the Avon Dam.

Avon Dam

And a visit to Torquay


And a walk through some woods near Ivybridge on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park.

In the town The river

The Path Rhodedendra

Then in a local carpark....

VW Camper Van - a rental

Thomas visits on the South Devon Railway.

Thomas the Tank ENgine

We also walk to Sharpham for a bite to eat.

The Dart River

And take the river boat to Dartmouth. Zoa isn't impressed.


As we wait for the DVLA process more walks to Sharpham with another Vizsla - Loki

And also Wembury on a cloudy day.

The Rock

There are also the remains of a seawater pool which was part of a holiday camp. Brrrr...

Wembury Seawater Pool

On the bus from Totnes to Ivybridge we see this gem:


Using the Bus Pass regularly now.

And, at last the DVLA produce the goods.


Number Plates

12-JUN - And so, off we go to visit my old teacher from the days on Malta in Marlborough with a stay at "Camping in the Forest" - a really good place where Zoa gets to find his lust for chasing rabbits.

Camping in the Forest

Then on to a quiet night at Penn where we see this "Poetry Seat" in the woods.

Poetry Seat

Then a long meeting with a long-lost cousin. What a nice lady. Before stocking up in Hemel Hempstead which has a different reputation when I lived there - obviously.

Then it's up North with a night near Sheffield on a layby with agreat view and a number of lorries too. From there we can see the crooked spire of Chesterfield church.

Layby above Chesterfield A great view 53.23083 01.51243


Layby with view of Chesterfield

Then to "The Angel of the North"

Angle of the North

Then a bit farther on is the Lady of Cramlington

Lady of Cramlington

Next to this man-made wonder they are still digging out coal - not my cuppa.

Coal Mining

Then we take a back road into


Scotland from Above


The bridge, very pretty, at Coldstream.

Coldstream bridge ver the Tweed

And onto an overnight stop at Prestopans, beside the Firth of Fourth

Prestopans parking Quiet, next to a dimantled coal-fired power station. Good dog walks. 55.96400 02.97725

Firth of Fourth

We leave and go to see "The Kelpies" in Falkirk. Impressive!

The Kelpies

Then onwards to meet a friend at the Thomas Muir Café. (He was a revolutionary who was sent to Australia - bloody magistrates, couldn't allow the people to have their own ideas.)

Thomas Muir Café

Onwards to the campsite at Glencoe, and still not too many miggies...

Glencoe Campsite Quiet, above the village. Good dogwalk and nice attendants. 56.63474 04.82857


We head up Loch Ness and visit friends in Muir of Ord for supper, watch the Germans play footie, and the Swiss before resting for the night.

The following day we have a coffee at Ullapool where the ferry has just left and the wind is up - poor souls on the ship, could be very rough.

Then we take a back road and the place I wanted to park is a private road, so we drive on almost to Lochinver.
This road is really not recommended, just about the width of the van but with many curves and lots of passing places. Oh, well.

West Coast A small, quiet carpark below the walk to the falls. 58.12148 05.25186

There is walk up the hill to the falls at Kirkarg.


The Falls

Zoa and Sheep

We see rabbits, deer and a fox. Sheep of course with fat baby lambs...

Then a cyclist falls over and we make them a cuppa. One of them is a bit shaken.

We then take the rest of the narrow road to Lochinver where we find a major road. Then farther north and another narrow road with passing places. On the way the sun comes out together with the rain.

Rainbow over Kyle of Durness

Durness (Sango Sands) Campsite A lovely green site with vary friendly staff. It is a bit exposed (wind and rain - it's Scotland) but good services and a lovely local beach. 58.56942 04.74237

View from my Front Room

The beach where John lennon probably used to swim.

Durness Beach

And it really can be windy in these parts.

We then leave and head southwards on the single-track road to Inverness and a stop in Aviemore with it's lovely Railway Station... and the local steam railway

Aviemore Station

and then further down to Perth where we rest for a night at the racecourse Site for a walk to the river and in the morning a walk all around the course itself.


Perth Racecourse Campsite This site abuts the racecourse and is about 1 klick from the river Tay. A very nice site. 58.56942 04.74237

Perth Racecourse

The following day it's off to Stirling where I see a sign for the Gleneagles Railway Station. What a lovely building.


and visit the Wallace Monument.

The Wallace Monument

Stirling Park and Ride No services - close to a Morrison's supermarket. 58.56942 04.74237

23-JUN After a quite night we head into the town and park at the Linden before walking up to the castle.


and then the march for independence.....

The March

Then it's on to Glasgow to visit family for a couple of nights. Zoa gets to play with Jessie.

Zoa and Jessie

And more welcoming with an old friend from the DEC days and his wife and Woody the mad dog...

We leave Prestwick and the GPS takes us through a Forestry Commission area with a single-track road. Spectacular and we are lucky not meeting any traffic.

Forestry Commission

WHat a fine time in Scotland. We have seen sheep, deer (some quite large) a fox, many rabbits are hares and even a Clough, a most unusual bird.

Then through Greta into


We end up driving a long way with stops including St. Bees - a lovely wide beach

St. Bees Head

until Windscale - now known as Sellafield - I wonder why? What a mess, all this nuclear stuff. I read somewhere there is a pipe going from this plant directly into the Irish Sea - Fish anyone?

But, just down the coast is Seascale - for the night.

Seascale Parking Free, no services, right on the beach 54.39553 03.48513


Then around the Lake District to Clitheroe

Clitheroe Campsite Beside the river Ribble. Nice 53.86478 02.41665


Up and we find a Sainsbury's on the way to


Aberystwyth Parking No services but a good spot 52.34410 04.08962


A couple of nights lazing around and walking on the beach and the costal path. Then on to meet friends at Porrag.

Morawelon Campsite The basic services, a very friendly crew. A beautiful spot. 58.56942 04.74237


So, now it's time for a couple of walks...

Parrog to Pwllgwaelod - about 10 klicks

Walk 1


Parrog to Porrit Sands - about 22 klicks. There are lots of ups and downs - phew.

Wlak 2

Coastal Path

Then the 3rd walk up the hill behind the campsite.

The Hill

Up the coast again and through some of the hills to Mold for the night

Mold Parking Quiet, free, toilets, a supermarket and a cash machine. 53.16472 03.14301

Then to Chester for some shopping and into the Peak District for a walk along the river Wye

The Viaduct

Peak District

and a quiet night.

Monsal Head Parking Quiet, not expensive. (£1 for the night.) 53.24016 01.72423

07-JUL - Then on to see friends in Sheffield. And what a wonderful experience that was. Nice people.

We chatted and walked around the "failed" housing estate which is now under heritage protection. A number of the flats have been refurbished,


others await their turn.

Not Renewed

Some days later an article appeared in the Guardian.

The following day we head on to a CL campsite which is quiet and we get to do a good walk in the countryside and meet another Hymer owner.

Springvale Farm Site Quiet, no services - £8 the night. 53.40461 01.27621

Springvale Farm

9-JUL - we head to Minster Products Ltd. Where Ruth gets a screen cover. And very nice it is.

Down back towards Devon and we spend a few hours on the beach at Westen-Super-Mare


before finding a good place to park up for the night at Burnham on Sea.

Burnham on Sea Parking No services. 51.23384 02.99636

This is a rather run-down place which has the feel of Skegness with its penny arcades. A shame, it was probably a bustling seaside towwn when the railway first came along.

Burnham on Sea

BoS Railway

We get back to Totnes and Zoa gets to spend his first nights in a "doggie hotel" as I take off for London by coach

Victoria Coach Station

for the Trump Demonstration





a lot of walking and the concert in Hyde Park with Bonnie Raitt - a bit too bluesie for me - James Taylor - always the same, but with less and less hair -

James Taylor

and Paul Simon who wasn't IMHO opinion what he could have been. Why do artists feel they have to change the timing of their songs so that the audince cannot roll along with their anthems?

Paul Simon

Back in Totnes and time for some physical work, my sister's decking is rotting so,...





6-AUG and off we go again. To Morthoe, North Devon.

North Morthoe Farm Campsite No electric this time. A beautiful spot. 51.19080 04.19929



Morthoe Point


Then on to Burnham on Sea for the night again before going to Bath to see an old friend.

Ruth gets new curtains - how lovely.



Then to get some now sunnies in Slough before heading to a campsite for a few nights.

Horsley Campsite Not over friendly. Many families but good services and dog walking area. 51.28557 00.45143

Not the friendliest of "hosts" and the site has a strange feel about it.

Then on to visit good friends in Hockley Essex. This included great walks in their local woods,

Hockley Woods

but also time spent by the water at Shoeburyness where I couldn't see the chimney of the Kingsnorth Power Station, (where I installed a few updates to the H20 computer in 1972,) because it was demolished in May-2018. Lunch in Southend-on-Sea and a visit to Hadleigh Castle which is close to the Salvation Army Farm.

Hadleigh Castle

View towards the City

From there to an overnight stay in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Stadium Parking   Clean, but noisy. 52.011799 00.732769

The plan was to visit The National Computer Museum at Bletchly Park. However, in spite of this being a national resource, they don't allow dogs, even in parked vehicles.

"Dogs: The National Museum of Computing’s landlords, the Bletchley Park Trust, does not allow dogs on site or to be left in vehicles on site. Registered Assistance Dogs are permitted on site."

So, onto Oxford.

Oxford Campsite Not over friendly. Many families but good services and dog walking area. 51.73688 01.25201

What a mess large numbers of humans cause. So many people one has to step into the road to pass.

Still, it is England with:



19-AUG On to The New Forest for a couple of nights.

Verwood Campsite Nice green site with good facilities. Dog walk from the site. 50.88649 01.90580

Then back to devon for a wek or so, before taking my sister to LHR - the world's worst airport. An overnight stay in the carpark in Windsor with a couple of walks by the Thames.

Windsor Parking An occassional train, but otherwise quiet. £2 the night. 51.48513 00.61711

The Parking

Hawker Hurricane

The Thames

Priviledge, unearned

Then to Cornwall for a few days.

Camping Trewince All facilities but too far from the beaches 50.16589 04.98961

Porth Bay

An unexpected ferry over the Fal

The weather is cloudy, still the Summer has been fabulous.

We get to the lighthouse at the Lizard, not a great deal to see.

Lighthouse with horn

We put in a stop at Michael's Mount.

1 2 3

4 5 6

Then, via Penzance to the campsite, fog means we see practically nothing.

Camping Sennen Cove All facilities but again, too far from the beaches. This is a new site. 50.09005 05.67026

Until the morning, with brilliant sunshine, time to walk to the coast.

Sennen Cove

Lady of the Rock

Lands End

And, the following day the weather has changed again, watch the video.

Sennen Cove

We leave and take the coastal road from St. Just to St Ives with a walk on the way with this great view.

St. Ives

The beach at Gwithian is for dogs and a splendid time is guaranteed for all.


Then after exercise we end up parked here:

"The Rockpool" restaurant Parking No facilities, but on the beach £10 a night. 50.22945 05.38677

The following morning it's up towards the headland and back on the beach for a meeting with several dogs again.

The Point

Then on to Blue Hills

Cross Coombe Farm Campsite A simple campsite run by a white-haired man. £15 a night with showers, water and chemical toilet. 50.32299 05.18674




Up and a run on the beach at Newquay

Newquay Beach

before driving to Tregurrian for a few nights.

Tregurrian Campsite A very good site, friendly, helpful staff too. 50.45025 05.03189

We walk the coastal path to Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay

and also to Bre-Pen.


Thanks to the National Trust so much of the coastal path is available to everyone.

9-SEP Onwards past Tintagel - a serious tourist trap towards Bude.

Bude Campsite All the services, but isolated. 50.71850 04.58575

We walk down to Crackington Haven via a number of fields.

Crackington Haven

Then back via Mineshop and Rosecare - phew!

The following day we leave for shopping in Bude itself and then on to Appledore, but first a run on a beach with a number of dogs and happy owners at Instow Beach. Nice!

Instow Beach

Appledore Parking Toilets and a quaint old village. £5 for the night. 51.05550 04.19248

Then back to Instow for a romp before driving around to Crow's Point and a long walk around to Saunton Sands and back down the American Road - 25'000 steps - phew.

You don't often see one of these.


Then back to sleep at:

Instow Parking No services, adjacent to the dog beach and a dog-friendly café just off the beach. 51.05550 04.19248

Then on the way back home we spend a few hours on Exmouth Beach where we also see a rare sight


and of course a romp on the dog beach

Exmouth Beach

before driving to Teignmouth for Fish & Chips and to stay the night.

Teignmouth Parking Quiet and free overnight, great spot. 50.541801 -3.497720

Zoa gets me up early to see this.

Back we go for a few days in Totnes before time back in north Devon at Instow, Appledore and a Viz Whiz event at Crow Point.


To end the long weekend we spend time overlooking Plymouth Sound at Jennycliff.


Jennycliff Parking Another great spot. With toilets and overnight parking too. 50.351898 -4.119710

On the way back to Totnes we stop in Kingsbridge because I haven't been there for a while and find a delightful new coffee place:

Cool Beans

Then back home and a trip to my favourite spot - Start Point

Start Bay

Start Point

The journey to .pt begins with a chat and coffee with a friend near Bristol and on to Devizes campsite.

Devizes Campsite All facilities, friendly staff and river adjacent to the Kennet and Avon Canal. 51.35555 -2.07275

In the morning we walk into Devizes along the Kennet and Avon Canal starting when it is still dark. What a delight!

There are 27 locks in the flight up to the town, some of which have their own reserve pools to ensure a good supply of water.


We also meet other dogs.

Then onto London, well Hertford to stay with old friends. Good chats and walks with Zoa on The Mead.

Then a few hours parked up waiting

Ewell Parking A park, for dog walks 51.14691 01.26674

to board the ferry - DFDS to Dunkirk.

The Seagull at Dover


3-OCT - We spend a few hours at Gravelines before heading to


Poperinge and the Talbot House where WWI servicemen rested before and after their time on the front.

Talbot House

Talbot House

The person in charge encouraged the officers to stay here


and took a cut to pay for the expenses of the Talbot House.

In the yard (one of the huge) local churches is the post used to shot deserters at dawn.

The Post

Too many men killed by their own side. 346 British and Commonwealth, 600 French, 48 German, 750 Italian, 35 American and 12 Belgium. The Australians refused to participate in this brutal practice.

One sad case was a black soldier who didn't speak English. He was cold and went back to his rest area to get his coat. He was shot.

Then back to


and a walk around Hawthorn Ridge. The first "big Bang" of the Battle of the Somme. So many people died here.

Hawthorn Ridge

Hawthorn Ridge memorial Very quiet, just a carpark 50.08576 02.64838



Then via Amiens (very tall building dominates the city) for coffee and then on to Hourdel on the coast.

Hourdel Camper Van Parking Free, right beside the seashore. 50.21435 01.55209

Mouth of the Somme

The beach is wonderful.

Then on past Pourville where people are swimming in the sea.

Pourville cliffs

to Etretat for a few views and a quiet night by the railway station.

Etretat Station Parking Free at this time of year, quiet and next to Le Flic. 49.70842 00.21512

Etretat Beach

Then on around the coast to the Pegasus Bridge

Pegasus Bridge

The Bridge

On to Ouitstream for moules Frites


Then we go on to Arromanches and subject ourselves to a storm, Ruth the van rocks and we leave after midnight to seek a quieter place to sleep.

Arromanches Parking €6 per night, wind included 49.33929 00.61403

With the wind still blowing we head towards Mount Saint Michael for a very calm day and night.

Mount in the evening

Mount in the Morning

Mount Saint Michael Parking Free, great view 48.65667 01.44510

Then to Le Port Du Bec. but no restaurant, so on to the peninsular and the night at Gois

Route de Gois Parking

Free, with a wonderful swamp area full for birds.


49.93230 02.15266

Sunset at Gois


Onwards to stay with family in their converted farmhouse in L'Absie. From there it's the ferry from Royan.


And a night on the beach by Soulac-sur-Mer

Soulac-sur-Mer Parking

An aire right next to the beach. €3.8 per night.


45.50038 01.13837

Then we head to Montalivet for a walk, coffee and to confirm this was where I actually wanted to spend the night again. Now it is a "Camping-Car Parking" area.

Where HMS Tuna landed some commandoes.

HMS Tuna

Montlivet Beach

We continue down the coast on the "slow" road to Arcachon for a drink on the beach and then take the motorway into


Where we imediately hit a traffic jam - only 2 toll booths open at around 22:00 in the evening.

Onwards past Bilbao and into Burgos after midnight to park up and sleep.

Burgos Parking

A free carpark close to the old town. Quiet at night.


42.33419 03.70637

The main road (free) down to Madrid and heading south (also free) is flat and hot.

Spanish Plain

Past Jean and Granada and on the new motorway to Motril

Motril Campsite

All facilities, close to the beach and dog walks.

36.71812 03.54715

We spend 10 days or so on R&R with friends. Nice people and with a new rescue dog - with a strong voice. This includes a visit to the castle in Salobrena

and rain...

Rain on the Motril campsite.

Then it's on to Torrox for few days, well nights. I think I have become addicted to Boquerones.

Torrox Parking

A large area close to the dog beach and not far from the first roundabout of the town from the East.

36.71814 03.95678


Someone else likes them too...

Fish and dog

Then on to Cala de Mijas for a few nights and to meet friends.

Cala de Mijas Parking

Free parking beside the main road with fresh water.

36.50454 04.68451

Before on to Gibralter for one night of rain.

Parking opposite Gib

A great view of The Rock if it isn't raining. Frech water and duming too.

36.15904 05.33901


and a few days on the beach at Tarifa

Tarifa Nature Park Parking

On the beach strip with a few cafés. Great dog walking, and if the wind is right, a lot of Kite Surfers.

36.04761 05.64084


before going towards Sevilla with a night in a small village El Palma

El Palma Parking


37.06263 05.80222

At Hildago to have tests done on Ruth the van then a day in Sevilla for a walk around for Zoa's first real visit.

Sevilla Parking

No fcilities, but central.

37.36237 05.99460

before heading to the Columbus Center in Huelva.

Huelva Parking

A large area next to the Center

37.21035 06.92568

Chris Center

Because I need to fly to Zurich to close out a chapter of my life, we go back to Cala de Mijas where Swiss has a daily direct flight.

Cala de Mijas Parking

Free parking beside the main road with fresh water.

36.50454 04.68451

After a few days we check into Cabopino and meet friends.

Cabopino Campsite

A full service site next to the dunes.

36.50490 04.68375



to clear out my furniture and give it away to friends and a charity. Boy, do I know some nice people, and of course my two great sons....

I do like "Lucy", the lights in the Bahnhofstrasse.


Back in


We hang around Cala de Mijas and then head up towards Ronda to help some people with picking their 15 olive trees.

One oTwp


Then back to Cabopino Campsite and the huge carpark in Cala de Mijas before we head down the coast to Estepone and Gibraltar before driving cross-country to Rota for a few nights besdie the beach - lovely weather and grand walks on the beach.

Rota Parking

Free parking beside the beach with water and grey water dump.

36.63733 06.39203

Rota Town

Rota Beach

Roses on the side of the road, in December. What a lovely colour.


From Rota it's on to


At our usual place...... We meet a few people who are confused because Ruth the van now has UK plates.

Albufiera Parking

Free parking beside the beach with water and grey water dump.

37.09851 8.24313

This time of year...


Sunday luch at the Louisiana


Bling on Ruth the van.


The Beach...



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