This started with a train drive from Zurich to Göschenen and then the local train to Andermatt.

We have a coffee in the town and then face the long slog up the hill.

Many turns later there we are.

The Pass above Andermatt

From there it is comparitively flat to the Oberalpsee and a food stop at The "Gasthaus Piz Calmot".

Refreshed it is a great free-wheel down the pass to the left of the golf course at Sedrun, through Schlans, Tavanasa and into Ilanz for the night.

The following morning we don't take the road to Flims but instead turn right up the hill to Castrisch and other small villages.

The Washing Place

Then past Oberguot and Unterhof we cross a deep canyon


before coming to the high spot of the trip - the Swiss Grand Canyon.

The Swiss Grand Canyon

for a brief rest

The Sturdy Bike

And then on to Chur stopping in Bonaduz for a coffee on the way.

Not at all a bad way to spend a weekend in Switzerland. 100 klicks in 2 days, with a few bumps along the way!

New Zealand

From Zurich it is off to Abu Dhabi. What an oppulent airport this is. Not my taste at all.

Abu Dhabi Airport

And this in the middle of nowhere, what a mess humanity is. On to Sydney


Sydney Harbour Bridge

I arrive in Christchurch and stay at the local YH. Part of the visit is to give a presentation on a home energy management system at the university. I then get invited to the home of some wonderful people in Sumner.


I bike is delivered and so I head off to Methven. This ride is a real struggle, in part because I am none too fit and secondly due to the steady wind. 90 klicks later I get to the YH.

Next stop if the YH at Geraldine, but a stop on the way.

Where am I?

Do I smell Mimossa?


And some of this too:


Then, with Aretha Franklin blasting in my ears it is up the pass to Tekapo. Passing these wild lupins on the way. The wind is so strong I get off and walk before I get knocked down. Luckily a couple in a mobile home (portends of this to come?) shows pity and takes me the last few klicks.

Wild Lupins

The YH there has this great view looking up to Mt. Cook. The lake is a creamy azure blue - glacial water.

Tekapo YH

Next stop is Wanaka.

Lake Wanaka

Wanaka Lake

SAme as the Mini Cooper S I once had.

Is this the Pussy Hostel?

The road then goes up the hill past the Cardrona Hotel

Cardrona Hotel

To the top of the pass where a certain Mr. Rees took some sheep a while ago.

Mr. Rees

The valley winds down all the way to Queensland

Bike at the Pass

Vally down to Queensland

I discover a little French Bistro down by the water.


Then it's bus to Invercargill and a rough trail for the bike all the way from Invercargill to Curio Bay, Owaka, Milton and fin ally Dunedin.

At the end that's about 700 klicks on the bike. The train no longer runs from Dunedin to Christchurch, so I take a bus.

On the last day before going home I saw this monument to Robert Scott, created by his widow.

Scott Memorial

What is the phrase? "I will be some little time".

In all about 650 klicks.


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