Title Author Rating Comments
Post Growth - Life after Capitalism Tim Jackson An excellent discussion of the opportunities in this liminal phase of human eistence. 40 years of right-wing, propaganda-driven economic theory has destroyed so much. There are ways out of this mess.
Supernova Era Cixin Liu and Joel Martinsen
How to Change Everything (Private) Naomi Klein and Rebecca Stefoff
Girl, Woman, Other Bernadine Evaristo Very well written, though no punctuation it is easy to read. Not familiar with the woman-only view of the world, but many of the stories ring true.
Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm Isabella Tree

A very intensive book with so much information it makes my mind boggle.

The Woman who wanted More Vicky Zimmermann An excellent book about an older lady at the end of her life and how she influences in a very +ve way the tradjectory of a younger woman. Inspiring. Recommended
Stories We Tell Ourselves: Making Meaning in a Meaningless Universe Richard Holloway
The Dispossessed Ursula K. le Gruin


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