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Gums, Germs and Steel Jarid Diamond

A long, but interesting tome about how different cultures in various parts of the world developed.

Eradicating Ecocide Polly Higgins

Her obituary was in The Guardian in April 2019. She was a dedicated legal supporter of the environment. The book is about her path, covering a lot of gound.

Don't Be Evil: The Case Against Big Tech Rana Foroohar


Uncommon Type: Some Stories Tom Hanks

He writes very well, some gems, but also a few dogs.

So Long, Marianne Kari Hesthamar

A bit of amusement. This is the Marianne that Leonard Cohen sang about.

The Overstory Richard Powers

It seems to be every decade or so there is a book which I appreciate and which I will recommend to all and sundry. This is the book which fits this category for this decade. (Although it really only applies to the first section, he rambles a lot as the book proceeds, maybe he is "on the spectrum?) The writing is simply delicious and full of both facts and vocabulary which delight. The characters (all tied up with trees) are so well-described they feel like the people I dream about, complex individuals with a story to tell.

Hello Darlings! James Hogg and Robert Sellers

A bio of the one-and-only Kenny Everett. Like so many people at the time I was glued to the "tranny" when he was on. I even wrote to "auntie" when he was sacked. Like so many creative people, a complex character. He is missed.

Who Owns England Guy Shrubsole

A description of how bad the land ownership is in England. It is almost beyond comprehension that 30% is still owned by the gentry, some of whom were given land at the time of William the Conquerer. A lot of research, some of it very difficult, was put into this book. One can only hope future generations do something about this massive inequality.

Heroic Failure Fintan O'Toole

Possibly the best book I have read about the history and issues around the British illness. Highly Recommended

WTF? A Times Top 10 Bestseller Robert Peston

A terrific book by this broadcaster who goes into the history of the whole British illness. Recommended.

Owl Sense Miriam Darlington

This is an extensive, personal journey into the lives of most European Owls. Enlightening and exceptionally well-written. Recommended

The Entrepreneural State Mariana Mazzucato

This financial researcher has a lot of good analysis of the current state of the financial system and what could be done about it. (The next crash is essentially pre-programmed.)

Otter Country: In Search of the Wild Otter Miriam Darlington

A delightful account of the author's journey of discovering Otters. Written in a first-person, laid-back style this book covers a lifetime's walk through a scientific and emotional road. She seems to have not yet become an otter, but does have a deep understanding of this elusive creature once ruthlessly hunted, but now gradually coming back to some of the less populated areas of the UK.

Rule Britannia Sally Tomlinson and Danny Darling

A comprehensive look at the issues surrounding Brexit with a lot of history. There are so many aspects of British (well mainly English) society and identity which influenced voters.
Quote: (One of the major influencers has been the attack on Europe by the UK media for the past 30+ years)
"Why would you allow a handful of billionnaires to poison your national conversation with disinformation - either directly through the tabloids they own, or indirectly, by using those newspapers to intimidate the public broadcaster? Why would you allow them to use their papers to build up and co-opt politicians peddling those lies? Why would you let them get away with this stuff about 'foreign judges' and the need to 'take back control' when Britain's own public opinion is routinely manipulated by five or six unaccountbale rich white men, themselves either foreigners or foreign-domiciled?" Recommended.

My Godforsaken Life: Memoir of a Maverick Barbara Stocker

The memories of a well-known Atheist.

Always look on the Bright Side of Life Eric Idle

Some gems, especially when it came to "Life of Brian". I particularly like the quote: "We may be silly, but we're not stupid."


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