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Die Hauptstadt Robert Menasse

This year's German Literature Prize Winner. Set in Brussels, all around EU politics, with several other stories woven in. He ralates lots of small detils, some of which are presented in, what I consider, to be boring dialogue. But a good read nonetheless.

The Gustav Sonata Rose Tremain

Set in Switzerland. A story (partly based on a real event) about a policemen during WWII and the effect on his family.

No is Not enough: Defeating the New Shock Politics Naomi Klein

A new perspective on why we have Trump et al. She writes well and I agree with much of what she says. Long and detailed.

The History of Bees: A Novel Maja Lunde

This had good reveiws but I lost interest. It was supposed to be about bees and the problem we are creating for them - and them for us eventually, well probably after I have died.

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century Timothy Snyder


The Ancestor's Tale: A pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution Richard Dawkins

A very technical tome. Makes one feel very young.

The Ragged Trowsered Philanthropists Robert Tressel

This is a book written at the beginning of the last century which describes so much of what was wrong then - and is again now. A socialists handbook almost.

Strangers in Their Own Land Arlie Russel Hochschild

A reasonable explanation of the hillbillies who voted for Trump. I think there is a whole cause above this which explains why people are dissatisfied with their lot - international capitalism, but of course this isn't mentioned.

The Weather Makers Tim Flannery

A little dated, but nonetheless a lot of small items which are very interesting. Scientists have been looking at Climate Change for decades. How anyone could consider saying it is not clear we have a problem we ourselves caused has to have a broken brain IMHO.

Superintelligence Nick Bostram

Interesting, with a lot of explanations.

Nothing but a Circus Daniel Levin

Poorly-written promoted as true stories in and around International politics. I think this might just be a little bit of propaganda. He was interviewed on BBC World.

The Twentierth Day of January Ted Allbeury

A well-written, somewhat dated spy thriller. Allbeury was one of the best after WWII. He was in the SIS during the later part of the war. Many of his stories are based on some facts. This one is about a Soviet mole at the side of the new US President - timely!

The Ascent of Man Jacob Bronowski

A bit long-winded, but with some interesting titbits. Science and man's development.

Weapons of Math Destruction Cathy O'Neil

Just a free sample of the role of Big Data. How many algos are watching us right now?


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