Title Author Rating Comments
Blind Man's Buff Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew

A large collection of US submarine stories, They did a lot after WWII, including a lot of spying on Russian military activity.

Saxon 4 Bernard Cornwall

Historally-based, but not true, yarn about life in the time of Alfred the Great - when he built Burhs to prevent the Danes from causing havoc.

Lolita Vladamir Nabukov

Incredible use of erudite words (used the dictionary features of Kindle a lot) well-written but nonetheless disturbing. Liked some aspects of the "plot".

The View from Here: Life at Seventy Joan Bakewell

Well-written. Known as "The Thiking Man's Crumpet" She covers a myriad of subjects - worth a read if you enjoy time travel.

The Year of Living Danishly Helen Russell

A lot of stories of how the Danes think and live with some comparisons with the English, specifically the high-pressure Londoners.

Seveneves Neal Stephenson

His latest, pretty good, set in the IZZY - The International Space Station as the moon collapses. Not entirely credible, but some interesting ideas.


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