Title Author Rating Comments
Middlesex Jeffrey Eugendes Simply a beautiful, well told story as we all love them. Set in the US, a tale woven through several generations of a family originally from a Greek background, though not from Greece. A rather classic American story. Highly recommended.
Millennium series Stieg Larsson The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - good tale, dynamic and a few good twists. Love Lisbeth Salander. Recommended.
The Tipping Point,
Malcolm Gladwell All rather good tomes, interesting popular science. Recommended.
The Ghost, Imperium, Pompeii Robert Harris Also all rather good tomes, well researched novels. Recommended.
Cityboy Geraint Anderson Terrible language, but an (apparently) good insight into how "The City" actually functions, or not as the case may be. This IMHO highlights a lot of what is wrong with our world when people who show essentially criminal behaviour are simply showered with money. Capitalism at its worst. Recommended
The Road Cormac McCarthy Highly disturbing account of one version of "life" in the future. Pulitzer prize winner. Recommended
Don't tell Mum I work on the Rigs Paul Carter Interesting account of a strange life in the oil business. Recommended
The Wallander Mysteries Henning Mankell Great page-turners. Amazing how a single Xmas present can cause so much Amazon activity. Recommended
Two Caravans Marina Lewycka Well written story about low-paid workers in the UK, mainly from Eastern Europe, and a hero dog. Recommended
Marley & Me John Grogan Lighthearted page-turner about a labrador.
The Medical Detective Sanda Hempel Fascinating account of a man of science - John Snow, who against all odds proved that science really does count in the struggle to overcome ignorance and false prophets. Recommended
Much Depends on Dinner Margaret Visser Excellent book which relates the tales of the main ingredients of a meal; corn, with salt and butter; then an entree of chicken and rice, followed by a salad (lettuce, olive oil, lemon juice) and ice cream.Recommended

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